Date Place Card Result 
W = Win 
L = Lose 
D= Draw
WON = Wrestling Observer Newsletter
DM = Dave Meltzer and his 5* match rating system
07/02/91 Fort Bragg, NC 
(sellout 4,000 crowd)
Tom Zenk vs Diamond Studd  
(Scott Hall)
W Zenk beat Studd via a count out.
07/03/917/ Byrne Meadowlands Arena 
East Rutherford, New Jersey 
(5,800 crowd)
(1) Tom Zenk vs Diamond Studd  
(Scott Hall)  
(2) Tom Zenk and Rick Steiner 
The Hardliners (Dick Murdoch and Dick Slater)
(1) W 

(2) L 

(1) Tom Zenk defeated Diamond Studd by pinning Studd's manager, Diamond Dallas Page; referee Nick Patrick had been knocked out and mistakenly thought Zenk was pinning Studd. 

(2) Murdoch pinned Zenk;  

WON reports (07/01/91 Eric Bischoff, who did AWA announcing the past few years will replace Lance Russell on the syndicated WCW Pro-Wrestling shows." Gordon Solie is being replaced  which also creates another vacancy. 

Meadowlands crowd booed Dustin mercilessly. 

07/05/91 Philadelphia (1,800)
(1) Tom Zenk vs Diamond Studd  
(Scott Hall)  
(2) Tom Zenk and Rick Steiner 
The Hardliners  (Dick Murdoch and Dick Slater)
(1) W 

(2) L by DQ

07/06/91 The Scope, 
Norfolk, Virginia 
(3,500 crowd)
(1) Tom Zenk vs Diamond Studd  
(Scott Hall) 
(2) Tom Zenk and Rick Steiner 
vs The Hardliners (Dick Murdoch 
and Dick Slater)
(1) W 

(2) W

Flair is still under contract to WCW through June 1, 1992 ....his contract has an escape clause that allows him to quit provided he gives 30 days written notice.  Stories are that Herd wants him to take a huge pay cut from his salary.  (from $700,000 to $350,000." Flair was unwilling to work alongside Luger who would be earning more (at $600,000). 

"WCW lost approximately $6,465,000 in 1990 and there has to be a day of reckoning when losses are that high." 

"Flair's role with WCW , particularly of late , was to put others over. Because of that he did sacrifice his marketability [Constantly putting people over does hurt your marketability] in order to make Sting and Luger look better. Instead of being rewarded at contract  time he was going to find himself paid less than the two guys he always put over and had nowhere near his ability." (WON 07/08/91). 

"There was also some history between Flair and Dusty Rhodes from Crockett days " Certainly there were a lot of people that expected Flair's role after losing the title would be to put over Dustin Rhodes" (WON 07/08/91). 

"Dan Spivey has been fired with the reason given being his refusal to do a job for P.N. News on a road show this past week. The coincidental timing of this and his testimony to the Zahorian case seems too convenient" (WON 07/01/91). 

07/08/91 WON announces Flair sacked , effective immediately after both sides failed to agree contract extension. "Flair was scheduled to drop the WCW title to Barry Windham on 7/1 in Macon, GA.." instead Flair has been stripped of the title.

07/07/91 Richmond Coliseum, 
Richmond, Virginia 
(2,500 crowd)
Tom Zenk vs Diamond Studd  
(Scott Hall)
W  The company was cutting back on house shows ""With the cutting back on house shows, fewer performers will be needed. The company is trying to get all the newcomers to sign contracts calling for a $300 per show they work rather than the guaranteed contracts as the existing stars have. The plan seems to be to phase out the higher priced guys (with the exception of Sting, Luger, Steiners, etc) and cutdown on expenses by bringing in a crew of gimmick newcomers and cutting sown the payroll. The actual contracts call for $300 per show with a guarantee of 60 dates per year which means they guarantee $18,000 per year, a far cry from the six figure  plus guarantees the company had been offering. If this sounds minimal remember the WWF contracts actually only guarantee $750  per year ($50 for no less than 15 television dates... The wrestlers share of merchandising is three percent of the profits which is the same cut as the WWF wrestlers receive. Previous WCW wrestlers contracts called for a much higher percentage of merchandising  profits. INdeed several WCW wrestlers were earning more money than the heavier-pushed WWF wrestlers because the WCW share of merchandising revenue was so much of a better cut (one wrestler claimed it was 25 per cent as opposed to 3 per cent but now they are the same.... Four more newcomers are headed in, called the American Patriots - the Fireman (Curtis Thompson) The Police man (Bill Kazmaier) The Private (Todd Champion) and The Garbage Man (Pez Whatley). " (WON 07/01/91) 

At this stage Kevin Nash was refusing to sign the $300 per night deal and was in jeopardy.

07/11/91 Carolina Coliseum, 
South Carolina 
Tom Zenk vs Diamond Studd  
(Scott Hall)
W Scott Steiner is out for up to 6 months with a bicep tear.
07/12/91 Charleston, WV 
(1,000 crowd)
Tom Zenk vs Diamond Studd  
(Scott Hall)
W Zenk pinned Page
07/14/91 Great American Bash '91  
Baltimore Arena, Baltimore, Maryland
Tom Zenk vs Diamond Studd  
(Scott Hall)
L Diamond Studd d. Tom Zenk via a belly-to-back suplex into a bridge. WON reported - " Diamond Studd (Scott Hall) pinned Z-Man (Tom Zenk) in 6:59. Opened hot with Zenk diving over the top rope into the ring onto Studd. Dallas Page  ...pulled down the top rope and Zenk took a bump over. As Zenk went after Page, Studd attacked him from behind and Zenk took a great bump over the guard rail. The action moved pretty well but neither guy sold the others' punches well. Zenk had Studd pinned after a driopkick off the top rope when Page slapped Zenk. Zenk went after Page, Studd kneed him from behind and hit a suplex for the win. " Meltzer scored it a one and three qaurter star, whih made it the tird highest  rating for the card but it was really much better -everyone was knocking WCW for releasing Flair and no-one was feeling fair minded on the night. Pillman appears as the Yellow Dog against Johnny B Badd. 

Dustin Rhodes appeared in a lumberjack match - WON observed "The lumberjack match had no reason to be a lumberjack match   except it seems to have given Dusty Rhodes one more opportunity to put his son over really has gotten annoying to see im pushed so hard simply becasue his father is a booker ...Every single thing people were afraid Dusty Rhodes would do to WCW has at least been attempted. With the exception of his attempts to put himself over as the big star via announcing and later the Bull Drop Inn, both nixed by Jim Herd, they've all been allowed." (WON 07/22/1991).

07/15/91 Wicomico Youth Center, 
Salisbury, Maryland 
(1) Tom Zenk, Robert Gibson and Dustin Rhodes vs The York Foundation (Richard Morton, Thomas Rich and Terrence Taylor) 
(2) Tom Zenk and Robert Gibson vs The Enforcers (Arn Anderson and Larry Zbyszko)
(1) D 

(2) L

Tom Zenk, Robert Gibson and Dustin Rhodes wrestled to a ten-minute draw with The York Foundation (Richard Morton, Thomas Rich and Terrence Taylor). 
07/18/91 Cleveland 
(800 crowd)
Tom Zenk and Rick Steiner vs Hard Liners
W Zenk in cage match. 
Rhodes winning over Morton. Yellow Dog working against Windham.
07/19/91 Charleston Civic Center, 
Charleston, West Virginia (1,700 crowd)
Tom Zenk vs Diamond Studd  
(Scott Hall)
  • "Rick Steiner ran in and attacked Dallas Page and tore off all his clothes leaving him with just a little bit of cloth to cover his crotch." Since Steiner has been tagging Zenk, presumably this is part of the Zenk-Stud rip strip angle.Zenk won over Studd by pinning Page.

    07/20/91 Johnson City, TN (1,100 crowd)
    Tom Zenk vs Diamond Studd   
    (Scott Hall)
    W Week of July 15-21, tv taping, Tom Zenk and Big Josh defeated Mark Kyle/Frye
    07/21/91 Knoxville (1,200 crowds) 
    Tom Zenk vs Diamond Studd  
    (Scott Hall)
    W Rhodes over Morton 
    Yellow Dog over Windham
    07/23/91 Great Western Forum, 
    Los Angeles, California
    Tom Zenk vs Diamond Studd  
    (Scott Hall)
    W xx
    07/24/91 Arts Center, 
    San Diego, California 
    Tom Zenk vs Diamond Studd  
    (Scott Hall)
    L xx
    N/K TV Taping
    (1) Tom Zenk and Brian Pillman (Yellow Dog) vs Diamons Studd (Scott Hall) and Steve Austin 
    (2)Tom Zenk and Robert Gibson vs Freebirds
    (1)W by DQ 

    (2)  L

    07/26/91 Oakland Coliseum 
    Oakland, California
    Tom Zenk and Black Bart vs The Hardliners (Dick Murdoch and Dick Slater) 
    L Greg Goode writes in WON 07/29/91 "May Jim Herd and Dusty Rhodes follow the Yellow Brick Road to bankruptcy and end this for once and for all. All the boys left at WCW, pay close attention to the respect loyalty derives from your company. Sting and Sid must have had the right attitude all along. I should have been shot to have been so optimistic when Rhodes was announced as new booker. Sure, anything was better than Ole Anderson, but as it turns out it was like the doctor saying that your cancer is in remission only to find out later that you've tested positive for HIV." 

    "Thinking it over, maybe Dusty wasn't let go by Vince. Maybe he was sent on a mission to mangle the organization. If that was the case, then the plan worked to a charm" (J Paul Sutter, WON, 07/27/91).

    07/29/91 Hemis Fair Arena 
    San Antonio, Texas 
    Tom Zenk, El Gigante, Ron Simmons and Sting 
    Nikita Koloff, Diamond Studd, One Man Gang and Barry Windham 
    W in a cage match when Gigante pinned Gang
    07/30/91 Civic Center, 
    Corpus Christi, Texas
    Tom Zenk vs Black Bart
    W xx
    08/03/91 Kansas City, MO 
    Tom Zenk vs Diamond Studd  
    (Scott Hall)
    08/05/91? St. Joseph, MO Tom Zenk, Dustin Rhodes and Big Josh (Matt Borne)vsThe Fabulous Freebirds (Michael Hayes, Jimmy Garvin and Badstreet (Robert James Jr. aka "Brad Armstrong") W
      win the WCW Six-Man Tag -Team Title 
    08/05/91 Topeka, KS  
    Tom Zenk vs Diamond Studd 
    (Scott Hall)
    08/08/91 Municipal Stadium 
    Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
    Tom Zenk vs Diamond Studd  
    (Scott Hall)
    W xx
    08/09/91 Charlotte Coliseum 
    Charlotte, North Carolina
    Tom Zenk vs Diamond Studd  
    (Scott Hall)
    W xx
    08/10/91 Greensboro Coliseum Greensbro, North Carolina
    Tom Zenk, Robert Gibson, Ron Simmons, Sting  vs 
    Diamond Studd, Nikita Koloff, Richard Morton and One Man Gang
    W  xx 
    08/11/91 Roanoke Civic Center, 
    Roanoke, Virginia
    Tom Zenk vs Diamond Studd  
    (Scott Hall)
    W  xx
    08/14/91 Fayetteville, NC (1,400 crowd)
    Tom Zenk vs Diamond Studd  
    (Scott Hall)
    W To help prepare people for Dustin, gaining gold, "they are now doing a gimmick every night where the TV title is only on the line for the first 10 minutes of the match so Austin always loses just after the 10 minute mark)."Tonight Dustin beat Austin at 13.00 (WON 08/26/91).
    08/16/91 Chattanooga (2,500 crowd)
    Tom Zenk vs Diamond Studd  
    (Scott Hall) - tuxedo match 
    W Zenk beat Studd in a tuxedo match .... Two and three quarter stars (WON 08/26/91). 

    Hardliners may be finished as Dusty sheds more of his cronies. Herd speaks out against Flair saying "You're talking about a guy that's never told the truth in his life" (WON 08/26/91).  

    Van Hammer, a hair stylist is coming in to wrestle - "Since he'll be allowed to use juice ...he may become the big monster of the business since he's about 6-6 or 6-7. At the same time having already signed the guy to a guaranteed $75,000 per year contract when he's only had two or three pro-matches so far, shows just how much certain people have learned from prior mistakes about taking guys who have never wrestled and pushing them just because they look great standing there" (WON 08/26/91).

    08/22/91 ?
    Tom Zenk vs Diamond Studd   
    (Scott Hall)
    W Zenk pinned Studd. Zenk pinned Dallas Page in 90 seconds.
    08/24/91 Jacksonville Coliseum, Jacksonville,  
    Tom Zenk vs Diamond Studd   
    (Scott Hall)
    W Tom Zenk d. Diamond Studd to win five minutes with Studd's manager, Diamond Dallas Page, who fled before the time expired;
    08/25/91 United States Title Tournament The Omni, 
    Atlanta, Georgia 
    Tom Zenk vs WCW Television champion Steve Austin 
    (see Table below)
    L by DQ "First round of a tournament with screw-job finishes saw Austin beat Tom Zenk via an over-the-top rope DQ in 9:0." (WON, 09/06/91)  Zenk tossed Austin over the top rope; Richard Morton and Dustin Rhodes double count out with Dustin bleeding everywhere."Nikita Koloff, who was originally scheduled to win the thing many weeks back, was told not to show up (it was to be his last night)" (WON, 09/06/91) The Luger and Hughes vs Simmons and Windham match on 10/12 is to be refereed by Dusty Rhodes "This may signal the return of Rhodes to the ring which may make some people cringe.."
    08/29/91 Meadowlands, East Rutherford, NJ 
    (1,800 crowd)
    Tom Zenk vs Diamond Studd  
    (Scott Hall) - tuxedo match
    W "Tom Zenk pinned Diamond Studd in a tuxedo match in 3:22 (when the match started it was announced the only way to win was to strip your opponent of his clothes and leave him in his underwear, but the match ended with a pinfall anyway. After the match it was announced the match would end either by stripping the clothes or via pinfall). Two and a quarter stars (WON 09/09/91) 

    Dustin Rhodes pinned Joey Maggs - Rhodes was heavily booed. 

     "Freebirds went to a double count out with the Enforcers for the US tag team title (even though Freebirds lost the belt more than two weeks earlier to the Patirots but it doesn't air on tv until 9/7 so it doesn't count until that point' (WON 09/09/91). 

    Meltzer doesn't write an entire column about this confused title change as he had for Zenk's TV title epsode.

    xxx xxx WON reports (08/26/91) "Austin's new TV title angle will be with Dustin Rhodes....Nikita's future with the company is in doubt ..... Gibson is definitely done at the end of the month, as will be Big Daddy Dink, Dallas Page (as a manager, but he'll stay as an announcer) and Kevin Sullivan who I believe fininshes up at the Clash." Looks like Dusty is throwing people off the sledge to survive. Nikita had been being paid $1,000 a night but when it came for renegotiation, management weren't willing to continue to pay that price. 

    Lex Luger and Mr Hughes vs Ron Simmons and Barry Windham will headline most shows in September. Gibson is partnering Dustin.  "WCW sources are now claiming a legal claim to Flair's belt, saying it was one of the pieces of TBS property when it purchased Jim Crockett promotions in 1988." 

    xx XX 
    08/30/91 Civic Center, 
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Tom Zenk vs Diamond Studd  
    (Scott Hall)
    W xx
    08/31/91 Baltimore Arena 
    Baltimore, Maryland 
    (2,500 crowd)
    Tom Zenk vs Diamond Studd  
    (Scott Hall)
    W xx
    09/01/91 The Scope, 
    Norfolk, Virginia 
    (1,800 crowd)
    Tom Zenk vs Diamond Studd  
    (Scott Hall)
    W Rhodes pinned Morton 
    Pillman beatTaylor
    XXX XX XX 
    XX Jimmy Marshall writes in WON 09/16/91 - "At the WCW TV taping on 9/3 in Perry GA , Z-Man fought Cactus Jack in the opening match. A few matches later, Z-Man came out for an interview and they played a tape of when Lex Luger attacked him. He did an interview where he said he was injured in the attack and while he was recuperating, he'd be a referee. He then refereed a few matches. Later in the show he wrestled again. Then came out for another interview, said the same thing , and refereed a few more matches. Then he came out and wrestled in a six-man tag team match which was the main event on the card. How stupid does WCW expect its fans to be?" 
    09/05/91 Clash of Champions XVI - "Fall Brawl" 
    Richmond County Civic Center, Augusta, GA
    (1) Battle Royal  - "Georgia Brawl" 
    (2) Tom Zenk vs Steve Austin
    L Card opened with a Battle Royal which "went 9:33 before El Gigante clotheslined both One Man Gang and Oz over the top. Actually Oz's bump was on a seven second delay. This match had no organization or story to it.... In order of elimination Terrence Taylor, Big Josh and Ranger Ross went out together at 4:35, Thomas Rich at 5:00, Tom Zenk and Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker at 5:04, Southern Boy Tracey  went out at 5:52, Bobby Eaton at 7:00, PN News at 7:19, Barry Windham and Steve Austin at 7:30 and Dustin Rhodes at 9;19"  ((Are you getting the picture?). "Was anyone else thinking - If he wins this I'll never watch a Dusty - booked WCW again when Dustin was among the last four in the Battle Royal."  

    In the Austin match - " #8 on card - Steve Austin pinned Tom Zenk to keep the TV title in 9:07. It started slow with Zenk mainly working on the left arm. Zenk was working with an ankle injury. When Zenk did his comeback, he missed a flying body press off the top rope by about a zip code. Finish saw Lady Blossom give Austin a foreign object, and when Zenk had Austin up for a back suplex, Austin hit Zenk and fell on him for the pin - three quartes of a star" (WON 09/16/91). 

    09/07/91 Kaiser Civic Center, Oakland, California 
    (750 crowd)
    Tom Zenk and Bobby Eaton vs Richard Morton and Terrence Taylor
    W " Zenk and Eaton beat Taylor and Morton in 17:44. Lots of Rooster chants. Taylor was hilarious dealing with the hecklers. It started as a singles match with Zenk and Taylor. Taylor walked out at 4:30 and brought out Morton which brought out Eaton and they turned it into a tag. They did this exact same scenario in the second match during the previous card in Oakland. There was a lot of stalling and a lot of Taylor and Morton doing break-up and comedy spots. At the end, there was some good wrestling as well. Zenk pinned Morton with a super-kick and after the match Taylor and Morton teased a break-up for several minutes before leaving the ring - two and a quarter stars." 

    Oz (Kevin Nash) wrestled Sting but WON reported "This was awful ...Oz shouldn't be put this high on a card where fans expect him to be able to work a main event caliber match." (WON 09/16/91). 

    Pillman is being used to develop the light heavyweight division in matches against Brad Armstrong, and others.

    09/14/91 Greensboro Coliseum, 
    Greensboro, North Carolina 
    (1,400 crowd)
    WCW six-man tag team champions Tom Zenk, Big Josh, Dustin Rhodes  vs The York Foundation (Richard Morton, Thomas Rich and Terrence Taylor
    W Six-man champions retained the belts when Rhodes pinned Morton to retain the belts
    09/15/91 Viking Hall, 
    Bristol, TN 
    (800 crowd)
    Tom Zenk and Dustin Rhodes 
    vs The Freebirds
    W The men try to cover for a massive no-show - absent were Pillman, One Man Gang, Big Josh, Oz, Austin, Johnny B Badd, Studd, Van Hammer (09/23/91).
    09/16/91 Center Stage Theater, 
    Atlanta, GA 
    (TV taping)
    XX xx xx
    09/23/91 Civic Center, 
    Dothan, AL 
    (syndicated tapings)
    xx xx Zenk acting as ref in match between Eaton and Rip Rogers 
    Pillman working with Josh against Rich and Taylor
    09/26/91 Hulman Center,Terre Haute, IN  
    (900 crowd)
    Tom Zenk vs Oz (Kevin Nash)
    W Van Hammer vs Taylor - terrible match but Van Hammer is going to get a mega push nevertheless.
    09/27/91 Memorial Coliseum, 
    Marion, OH 
    (1,300 card)
    Tom Zenk vs Oz (Kevin Nash)
    W xx
    09/28/91 St. Paul Civic Center, 
    St. Paul, Minnesota  
    (2,500 crowd)
    Tom Zenk vs Oz (Kevin Nash)
    W first show for some time in MN
    xx xx xx xx (WON 09/16/91) - "Tom Zenk will be doing a special trouble shooting referee gimmick in the Lex Luger and Mr Hughes vs Barry Windham and Ron Simmons and/or Windham and Sting matches starting in October. Also in early October in the Florida cities, they've got the dream match of Oz vs Van Hammer scheduled. Dick Murdoch and Dick Slater are definitely history. 
    09/29/91 Boylan High, 
    Rockford, IL 
    Tom Zenk vs Oz (Kevin Nash)
    W xx
    09/29/91 UIC Pavilion, 
    Chicago, IL 
    (1,368 crowd)
    Tom Zenk vs Oz (Kevin Nash)
    W Rhodes still working a program with Austin
    xx xx xxxx xx WON 09/23/91 Herd has managed to wrest control of the NWA and has been named the new President.  The NWA Board has recognised Luger as NWA Champion - stripping Flair of the title."It is somewhat unclear as to who actually owns the belt, as Flair claims ownership based on a contract settlement for money owed him by Jim Crockett when Crockett's debts overwhelmed him in 1988.
    xx xx WON 09/23/91 "WCW has organized a "steering committee" as opposed to a booking commmittee. The committee is "responsible for discussing with our Director of Wrestling Operations, Dusty Rhodes, the direction of and emphasis on the various WCW money streams and the priority placed on each one. So the committee, composed of Jim Crockett, Jim Ross, Rhodes, Terry Allen (Magnum T.A.) Jim Barnett and Jim Herd is there to set long term direction and emphasis  and will have weekly meetings." xx xx 
    10/07/91 Center Stage Theater, Altlanta, GA 
    (full house) 
    (TV taping)
    Tom Zenk vs ?
    W "Tom Zenk worked (just one day after they showed the dressing room "injury" angle on television). (WON 10/14/91) Mike Graham has taken Zenk's place on the six man tag team but nobody cares about Graham. Pillman has torn  a muscle in his back and is out. They are building towards  a Dusty/Dustin/Barry Windham vs Luger/Hughes/Luger match
    Civic Center,
    Montgomery, AL
    (TV taping)
    Tom Zenk, Dustin Rhodes and Big Josh (Matt Borne) vs the York Foundation (Terrence Taylor, Thomas Rich and Richard Morton)  
    L The York Foundation take the belts as Dustin is booked to win the US Tag Team Championships.
    10/10/91 Municipal Auditorium 
    Kansas City, Missouri 
    (1,400 crowd)
    xx xx Tom Zenk served as special referee as Ron Simmons and Barry Windham d. WCW World champion Lex Luger and Mr. Hughes - Simmons pinned Hughes right after Zenk smacked Race (good match).
    10/11/91 The Arena,  
    St Louis, MO 
    (1,600 crowd)
    XXXXX XXXX Tom Zenk served as special referee as Ron Simmons and Barry Windham d. WCW World champion Lex Luger and Mr. Hughes - Simmons pinned Hughes right after Zenk smacked Race. 

    Rhodes and Josh beat Oz and Austin - Mike George has had to do two 30 second jobs to van Hammer and claims they were the most humiliating thing he's ever done in 23 years wrestling. 

    WON suggests that Dusty Rhodes not Jim Herd HAS to be blamed for the poor house shows as Rhodes is a bad booker.

    10/12/91 The Atlanta Omni, 
    Atlanta, GA 
    (4,500 crowd)
    Tom Zenk, Dustin Rhodes and  Big Josh vs 
    Terrence Taylor, Richard Morton and Thomas Rich 
    W "This was billed as a six-man title match (even though the belts had changed hands the previous Tuesday) when Rhodes bulldogged Rich in 12:00 - two stars."  (WON 10/21/91) Dusty Rhodes replaces Zenk as the special ref in the Windham and Simmons vs Luger and Hughes matches - Dusty smacks Race with ....the bionic elbow!!
    xx xx WON 10/21/91 notes "Lots of heat with the boys on the push Van Hammer is getting. For example, at the Omni on Saturday night they announced the next show for Thanksgiving as the opening night of "the Van Hammer tour". ..anyway there was a backstage prank where someone put vaseline on Hammer's guitar strap, so when he was swinging it around, it got out of control and popped him in the eye, so he got a black eye....Luger will be defending the title on house shows during November against Zenk, Pillman, Kazmaeir and Rick Steiner." xx xx
    10/13/91 Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, NC 
    (430 fans)
    xx xx Tom Zenk served as special referee as Ron Simmons and Barry Windham d. WCW World champion Lex Luger and Mr. Hughes when Simmons pinned Hughes after Zenk slapped Race - "Near the end Luger was posted and suffered a major hardway cut and was bleeding so badly he was almost delirious in the ring. An ambulance was called ...but he turned out not to need hospitalization" (WON 10/21/91).
    10/15/91 Civic Center, 
    Huntsville, AL 
    (TV taping)
    XX xx xx
    10/16/91 Byrne Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford, NJ xx xx xx
    10/17/91 Baltimore Arena Baltimore, MD xx xx Tom Zenk served as special referee as Sting (U.S. champion) and Barry Windham d. WCW World champion Lex Luger and Mr. Hughes when Sting pinned Hughes.
    10/18/91 Knott Arena 
    Emmitsburg, Maryland 
    (800 crowd)
    xx xx Tom Zenk served as special referee as Rick Steiner and Barry Windham d. WCW World champion Lex Luger and Mr. Hughes when Windham pinned Hughes. 
    xx xx Eddie Gilbert on Pro-Wrestling Spotlight  - " They'r every personal about things they do. There were very personal feelings in the Ric Flair situation when he left there...they got rid of him over personal feelings between himself and Dusty Rhodes... When you talk about Jim Ross, I have to watch my step here.... they need to look at people like him. I think he has used other peole as scapegoats. I think that he has gotten out of situations in the past by using other people to take the doewnfall. He's also cost...a lot of people their futures there. ..In the WCW office everyone there is after each other's throat. In that steering committee now, the reason why that committee won't work now, the reason why it hasn't worked in the past, is because everyone in the committee wants to get ahead of each other. They're not worried about the direction of WCW and they won't ever be worried about it.....We've had to go through all the old bookers They're not looking at the new generation ...They don't respect the young generation... "  xxXX XXXX 
    10/19/91 Philadelphia  
    (850 crowd)
    xx xx Tom Zenk served as special referee as Sting (U.S. champion) and Barry Windham d. WCW World champion Lex Luger and Mr. Hughes 
    10/21/91 Center Stage Theater Atlanta,  
    (TV taping)
    (1)Tom Zenk vsTony Motta 
    (2) Tom Zenk vs Buddy Lee Parker 
    (1) W 

    (2) W

    Hayes and Windham working with Dustin Rhodes in programs with Austin and the Enforcers. who are putting Rhodes over. 

    Diamond Studd - they don't seem to be using Hall much and he is out on injury.

    xx xx WON 10/21/91 carries the following report of an incident that had occured "this past week at the Ramada Inn bar by the Atlanta airport. Sid Justice [Sid Vicious; Sid Eudy] was at the bar along with several WCW wrestlers ..Justice allegedly had words with Mike Graham, which caused tempers to flare. ...Before a fight occurred, somehow Justice turned his attention to Brian Pillman with similar verbal treatment. Allegedly Justice told Pillman the reason the WWF is so much better is that they are more believable and don't let little guys do programs with big guys (in reference to a program which Justice nixed earlier this year which would have had him feuding with Pillman after the War Games match in Phoenix).Justice also told Pillman that he'll never make it in the business because he's a pretty boy and that he doesn't know how to work....... Pillman got up aggressively and the two were seemingly about to come to blows (.Pillman has a reputation as a street fighter and everyone I spoke with on the subject had no doubt he's take Sid apart in a street fight)../over xx from previous column 
    Finally Sid backed down pulling up his shirt and showing a band-aid on his arm because he had just suffered a bicep injury and left the bar and everyone thought it was over. But Justice came back in, with a squeegee ...holding it like a weapon and challenging Pillman or Graham to fight him. Graham then grabbed the squeegee from Justice and Justice made a comment or two while people held Pillman back and left the bar....the story has  ... gone around that .... each of them backed down big Sid Justice." 
    Boutwell Auditorium 
    Birmingham, Alabama.  
    Tom Zenk vs WCW World Heavyweight Champion Lex Luger  
    L Zenk begins his program with Lex Luger.
    10/27/91 Halloween Havoc '91-"Chamber of Horrors" 
    UTC Arena 
    Chattanooga, Tennessee
    Tom Zenk vs Rick Rude
    L "The Halloween Phantom" ( Rick Rude) d. Tom Zenk via the "Rude Awakening" neckbreaker in 1:27  

    Austin puts over Dustin Rhodes.  

    Marc Schultz in WON 11/18/91 asks "The introduction of Rick Rude achieved the purpose of establishing him as a top heel but why use Z-Man as cannon-fodder. In Chicago and other cities in November, he's going againt Luger for the title in the main event. This match wipes out any drawing power that match might have had."  

    The steering comittee and Dusty together book a PPV with an 0.8 buy rate  - the lowest of any WCW PPV.  

    xx xx WON 10/28/91 reported that WCW has dropped its color commentators; Jim Ross is doing WCW Power Hour and the Saturday night show on TBS. Schavione on Main Event and will continue to host World Wide in syndication. Ross to head WCW Pro show in syndication. Bischoff to do the Main Event in syndiication and various international shows. Magnum TA will remain in the front office handling booking; "Dallas Page will become a wrestler (you read that right)". xx xx
    11/01/91 Tingley Coliseum, 
    Albuquerque, NM
    xx xx xx
    11/02/91 Convention Center, Cleveland, OH xx xx xx
    11/03/91 Civic Center, Charleston, WV (Matinee) xx xx xx
    11/04/91 Center Stage Theatre,Atlanta, GA 
    (TV taping)
    xx xxx xxx
    11/05/91 Georgia Mountains Center, 
    Gainesville, GA 
    TV Tapings
    (1) Tom Zenk and Brian Pillman vs Steve Austin (TV champ) and Bobby Eaton 
    (2) Tom Zenk and Brian Pillman vs Lex Luger and Cactus Jack
    (1) L 

    (2) L

    Eaton pinned Zenk - two and three quarter stars (WON 11/1191). Marcus Bagwell from GWF did a job for Mike Graham in a dark match - "told the office was quite disappointed with him."  

    Mike Graham is out of the office and doing some ring work. Road agent Magnum T.A. " suffered a stress fracture of his bad leg and will be off the road for a few weeks" (11/11/91). 

    Mletzer observes "My gut feeling is that Zenk is being buried..." (11/11/91) Pillman is light heavyweight champion but is getting no push whatsoever. He is doing some matches with Studd but can't pull a good match out of him. 

     " Austin pinned Rhodes which is Dustin's first job in nearly one year" i.e. the first job since he came to WCW!!! (WON 11/05/91). 

    11/09/91 Chicago, Illinois 
    (1,200 crowd) 
    Tom Zenk  vs WCW World Heavyweight Champion Lex Luger
    L Austin drew Rhodes - a bloodbath 

    Flair is using the NWA belt on WWF and the NWA is still in court trying to get the belt back (WON11/25/910.

    11/10/91 Met Center,  
    (800 crowd)
    Tom Zenk vs WCW World Heavyweight Champion Lex Luger
    L "Lex Luger pinned Zenk with Nick Bockwinkel as special referee" (WON 11/18/91).
    xx xx WON 11/11/91 reports the death of Gene Anderson whose son Brad Anderson works in WCW occasionally as Zan Panzer xx Eaton is now doing the double cross in programs with Rhodes against Austin (TV champ) and Arn Anderson.
    11/11/91 Center Stage Theater, Atlanta, GA 
    (TV taping) (800 crowd)
    (1) Tom Zenk and P N News vs Big Van Vader and Steve Austin 
    (2) Tom Zenk and P N News vs Diamond Studd and Johnny B Badd
    (1) L 

    (2) W

    (1) "Austin pinned News in a good match" (WON 11/18/81) 

    (2) "Badd pinned by Zenk" (WOMN 11/18/91 

    Teddy Long has been phased out. Bobby Eaton is putting over Dustin Rhodes. Rumors that Jerry Jarrett will be brought in to try and rescue Dusty Rhodes booking.

    11/16/91 Charleston, SC 
    (1,500 crowd)
    Tom Zenk vs WCW World Heavyweight Champion Lex Luger
    L Luger gets a fat lip and a black eye courtesy of a crossed up high spot with Zenk.
    11/19/91 Clash of the Champions XVII   
    Savannah Civic Center, Savannah, Georgia 
    (6,922 crowd)
    Tom Zenk vs Diamond Studd
    (Scott Hall)
    W Tom Zenk pinned Diamond Studd with a crucifix in 1:25.  
    "After the match Studd beat up Zenk and gave him the Diamond Death drop and left him laying. Most of this match was only on half the screen as they were showing Sting going out in an ambulance to the nearest "medical facility." ...The action in the match was really fast-paced with good chemistry but nobody noticed and it was over before you could blink"  (WON 12/2/91) Originally this match had been booked as PN News vs Diamond Studd (WON 10/28/91).  

    Windham is out out action until February 1992 with an injury 

    Steamboat is in as Dustin Rhodes tag partner. On their first night out, they win the WCW tag team titles.

    11/20/91 Center Stage, Atlanta (TV taping) 
    (775 crowd)
    Tom Zenk, Big Josh and Arachnaman (Brad Armstrong)  vs Tommy Rich, Terry Taylor and Richard Morton
    W The York Foundation is being broken up.
    11/21/91 Arthur Ashe Center 
    Richmond, Virginia 
    (325 crowd)
    Tom Zenk (substituting for Rick Steamboat) and Dustin Rhodes  vs The Enforcers (Arn Anderson and Larry Zbyszko)
    L Zenk is used to carry  the new World Tag Champ Dustin Rhodes while Steamboat is out.
    11/22/91 D.C. Armory 
    Washington, D.C.
    Tom Zenk (substituting for Rick Steamboat) and Dustin Rhodes  vs The Enforcers (Arn Anderson and Larry Zbyszko)
    L Anderson pinned Zenk
    11/23/91 Civic Center's Convention Hall 
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
    (1,000 crowd)
    Tom Zenk (substituting for Rick Steamboat) and Dustin Rhodes  vs The Enforcers (Arn Anderson and Larry Zbyszko)
    L Arn Anderson pinned Tom Zenk "everyone working hard."
    xx xx xx xx The Magic Johnson AIDS story breaks and WCW institutes a complete ban on blood.
    11/27/91 Baltimore Arena, Baltimore, 
    Big Josh and Tom Zenk beat Richard Morton and Terrence Taylor
    W Big Josh and Tom Zenk beat Richard Morton and Terrence Taylor when Zenk pinned  
    11/28/91 The Omni, Atlanta, Georgia 
    (3,800 crowd)
    Tom Zenk, Arachnaman and Big Josh vs WCW World  
    6-Man Tag Team Champions The York Foundation-Terrence Taylor, Richard Morton and  Thomas Rich
    W In a non-title match: Tom Zenk, Arachnaman and Big Josh defeated Terrence Taylor, Richard Morton and Thomas Rich-when Zenk pinned Taylor. 
    11/29/91 Baltimore (1,300 crowd)
    Tom Zenk and Big Josh vs Terry Taylor and Richard Morton
    W xx
    ? World Wide TV
    Tom Zenk, Brian Pillman and Mike Graham vs Arn Anderson, Larry Zbyszko and Bobby Eaton
    L "best match I saw on WCW television" (WON 12/9/91)
    xxxx xxxx
  • WON 12/9/91 reports "Jim Crockett is in more of a power position and lots of the changes (more emphasis on those with wreslting ability, devaluation of pushes for guys like Van Hammer, Marcus Alexander Bagwell and El Gigante) have had something to do with him but Jim Herd is still the man in charge."
  • xxxx Zenk and Austin missed the weekend (end of November) with the flu. 
    xxxx xxxx In the last week of November,Lex Luger quit WCW in protest at their sacking of Harley Race - things were resolved within hours and he and Race stayed. xxxx "Meltzer speaks of wrestlers being held back so as not to "threaten Dustin Rhodes spot on the babyface totem pole"
    11/30/91 xxx
    Bruise Cruise
    Tom Zenk, Brian Pillman, Sting, Terry Taylor, Scott Steiner, Bobby Eaton, Johnny B Badd, Scott Hall, Dusty Rhodes, Mr Hughes, Larry Zbyszko and the Freebirds spend 8 days and 7 nights  from Key West, Florida, to Cozumel and Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Georgetown,Grand Cayman and Ocho Rios, Jamaica aboard the SS Niewu Amsterdam  - the 1991 Bruise Cruise. xxxx XX
    xx xx xx xx "Tom Zenk missed the New Japan tour with a neck injury" (WON 12/ 23/91)
    12/25/91 The Omni, Atlanta 
    (3,600 crowd)
    Tom Zenk vs Larry Zbyszko
    W Larry Zbyszko wants his opponents to do stretcher jobs for him as "they ware trying to play him up big as a crippler to set him up for barry Windham when he returns." (WON12/23/91) 
    12/26/91 Reunion Arena, Dallas 
    (3,300 crowd)
    Tom Zenk vs Larry Zbyszko
    W xx
    12/27/91 Meadowlands 
    (3,900 crowd)
    Tom Zenk vs Larry Zbyszko
    W xx
    12/28/91 Baltimore
    Tom Zenk vs Larry Zbyszko
    W xx
    Starrcade '91 - "The Lethal Lottery"
    The Scope, 
    Norfolk, Virginia
    Tom Zenk and Terrence Taylor vs Arn Anderson and Lex Luger
    L "Lex Luger and Arn Anderson v. Tom Zenk and Terry Taylor.  Zenk and Taylor play the de facto babyfaces.  Taylor and Luger start out with a really 
    nice sequence of stuff, with Taylor back in full face mode.  Zenk comes in and gets tripped up by Race, then hammered by the heels.  Everyone is ON here.  Anderson runs through his usual stuff to great effect, until Zenk hot tags Taylor.  Taylor is a house on fire on Luger for a two count, then a bodypress for two.  Backslide for two.  Hot crowd for this.  Doctorbomb for two, but Anderson saves.  Taylor goes for the five-arm, but Arn hits him from behind and Luger gets the piledriver for the pin.  Best match of the night.  **** " Scott Keith, The Netcop Retro Rant for Starrcade 91: Battlebowl 

    " Luger pinned Taylor with a piledriver. From a wrestling standpoint this blew away everything else on the card - three and a quarter stars" (WON 01/06/91). 
    Meltzer joes that the lottery will be rigged in at least one case - to ensure Dustin gets a good partner to carry him - in the event it was his old partner Richard Morton.


    WCW U.S. Title Tournament

    August 25, 1991 in Atlanta, GA
    The Omni drawing 5,000 ($38,000)

    WCW World Tag Team Title Tournament

    July 8 - September 5, 1991
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