Tom Zenk's Second Japan Tour 1987

'87 Real World's Strongest 
Tag Team League 11-21-12-11

Tom Zenk and Marc Laurinitas (aka 'The Terminator') - Japan 11/1987

By mid 1987,  it was clear to Zenk that the money promised  by Martel wasn't coming. Worse, he'd been advised that Martel had negotiated their WWF contract  to favor himself financially.  Zenk resigned from the WWF.

Zenk now found himself effectively cut out from wrestling in the US until all outstanding contractual issues with WWF had been resolved.  (This was not achieved until early 1988 when Wrestling Observer [January 18th, 1988] reported....."-- Tom Zenk's legal problems with the WWF were settled out of court, as the WWF sued Zenk for $70,000 for breach of contract. He'll have to give Titan a percentage of his earnings in 1988, but it will be a much smaller percentage than the WWF originally wanted. The whole deal was that the WWF wanted to make an example out of him. ")

With limited propsects in the US, Zenk returned to All Japan for the prestigious and lucrative 1987 Real World Tag Team League Tournament.  The tournament, held over the period 11/21 to 12/ 11, 1987, included (as well as Tom Zenk) the following US wrestlers - Stan Hansen, Terry Gordy, Bruiser Brody, Colonel Debeers; Jimmy Snuka, Abdullah the Butcher, T.N.T, Dory Funk Jr, Terry Funk, Mark Youngblood and Chris Youngblood.

There were a total of 12 tag teams. Each team competed against 11 others, resulting in 66 matches held in 16 locations over 18 days.