The Bruiser Brody Memorial Show
A memorial show was held at the Korauken Hall on 8/29/88 for Bruiser Brody (Frank Goodish) following his murder in a locker-room in Puerto Rico earlier that summer. 

The memorial was held in the presence of Brody's widow Barbara Goodish and son (above).

At the show, Baba had Goodish's widow hand over Brody's chain to Hansen as a future gimmick for his Japan work.

"In Japan, this has turned into almost an Elvis Presley type of thing as the magazines are still filled with Brody photos four weeks after his death and on Baba's show they mention his name dozens of times each hour" (WON, 9/5/88).

Tom Zenk - "The Memorial was was great and eerie at the same time.  I mean, it was weird with an arena packed paying homage to a wrestler's casket. The crowd was so into it you could feel Brody's spirit. It truly touched me. It was also beautiful to see all the fans bring him roses and gifts. And a lot of money was raised for his family. Brody was a true hero and the Japanese loved him. It's a shame all the American promoters would say is he was trouble. Yeah, trouble cause he wanted to get paid?" Torch Interview part 2

Above -  Hansen, Zenk and Ace add to the tributes and (below) are intoduced to Brody's widow.


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