October 1985 - March 1986
    On the road ....
    as Tom Zenk tours the Pacific North West
    The following article appeared in Wrestling Ringside, No 19, May 1986 

    The article covers Tom Zenk's work in the Pacific North West -  in  National Wrestling Alliance promotions run by Don Owen in Oregon and Dutch Savage in Washington State.  

    During the interview Zenk claims, at that time to have no tag partner - an absence he remedied in December 1985 (with Scott Doring) - suggesting that the original interview took place in late 1985.  

    According to the article, Tom Zenk traveled to the PNW from Montreal where he had been working earlier in 1985, after debuting in USA Pro and AWA in 1984. 

    Zenk's work in the region lasted from approximately October 1985 to late March, 1986. He then traveled back to Montreal with Ric Martel to work in the IWA before moving, again with Martel, to the WWF in November, 1986. 

    Martel rates several mentions in the piece. The two men had already worked alongside each other briefly in the AWA. Zenk's references to Martel suggest that, at this stage anyway, he regarded him as a suitable 'model' for his own career development -  " It takes time to be a good wrestler. Look at Rick Martel. He paid his dues out here in the Northwest and now he's World Heavyweight Champion."  

    The article repeats Zenk's ring persona of that time -  that he 'hailed' from Arizona, had been trained by Gagne and Rheingans, etc.  It notes Zenk's involvement in a significant moment in the 1980s rehabilitation of pro-wrestling - "the thrill of a lifetime had to be wrestling on the first nationally televised wrestling program on ESPN, the all sports channel." Finally and interestingly it notes how a pro-wrestler of the period was trained to endure high performance matches of considerable duration ("You have to be in real good physical condition to get in the ring because you go in there for 15 to 60 minutes.") 

Zenk stands in the ring ready for battle (above); Colt catches the popular youngster in his full nelson (below).
Zenk has Chris Colt's shoulders pinned to the mat (above).
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