NWA Pacific North West Tag Team Title


 December 14, 1985

Tom Zenk and Scott Doring win the PNW Tag Team title from Mike Miller and Moondog Moretti at Portland, Oregon, dropping it to Bobby Jaggers and Rip Oliver at Salem, Oregon on 

January 26, 1986









NWA Pacific North West Heavyweight Title


January 21, 1986

Tom Zenk wins PNW Heavyweight title from Bobby Jaggers, Portland, Oregon - dropping it to Jaggers at Findley, WA

March 9, 1986 

International Wrestling Alliance 



(IWA) Canadian International Tag Team Title



August 12, 1986

Tom Zenk and Dan Kroffat (aka Phil Lafon) win Canadian International Tag Team title from The Long Riders (Bill Irwin and Scott Irwin) - later losing it to Richard Charland and Sheik Ali (Steve Pettigras) at Montreal, Quebec

October 13, 1986




U.S. Tag Team Title 

(with Brian Pillman)




February 12, 1990

Z-Man and Brian Pillman win vacant US Tag title in tournament final, dropping it to The Midnight Express (Stan Lane and Bobby Eaton)

May 19, 1990


1990 - 1991
NWA* / WCW World Television Title



December 4, 1990 

Z-Man wins NWA* World Television from Arn Anderson in  Atlanta, GA - dropping it to Anderson in Perry, GA

January 14, 1991 


WCW Six-Man 

Tag Team Title





August 5, 1991

Z-Man, Dustin Rhodes and Big Josh (Matt Borne) win the WCW Six-Man Tag -Team Title from The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael Hayes, Jimmy Garvin and Badstreet (Robert James Jr. aka "Brad Armstrong") at St. Joseph, MO - subsequently dropping the title to the York Foundation (Terrence Taylor, Thomas Rich and Richard Morton)  Montgomery, AL

October 8, 1991


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