Who broke up the tag team of 
Tom Zenk and Flyin'Brian?
Part 2
One of the many intriguing, and so far unanswered, riddles of Tom Zenk's time with NWA/ WCW is, why the team of Tom Zenk and Flyin' Brian was split up, after little more than 6 months together?  

This team electrified the NWA with a series of brilliantly worked matches in which Zenk and Pillman took turns to suffer or clean house in classic tag team style.    

Then, at the very height of their popularity, the team was broken up - with both men returning to singles wrestling. On a number of occasions the team was reformed but never long enough to recapture its original momentum.  

The following article (by Andy Rodriguez - Inside Wrestling August, 1990)is one of several which appeared closely after the team's split, suggesting that Pillman's 'natural ambition' was driving him more exclusively into singles competitions - in particular against Luger and Flair for the World Championship. 

The split of Z-Man and Flyin' Brian was to reach its physical climax two years later in the 5 star match between Tom Zenk and Brian Pillman at Wrestle War '92. 


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