In April 1988, following his return from Japan and between occasional work for Verne Gagne's AWA, Tom Zenk toured Europe with All Stars Promotions. 

All Stars Promotions was based in Fridley, MN, with ties to AWA, and hired workers, mainly out of Minneapolis, with international visibility through US wrestling broadcasts into Europe (via Sky Sports, German DSR television, etc.) 

The tour was billed as "Superstars of Wrestling - Die Besten Catcher aus USA (the Best of American Wrestling)." 

Originally, Kamala was booked to headline with Tom Zenk in a 'Beauty and the Beast' angle.

But Kamala was unavailable. He was replaced by Afa of the Samoans. Other talent included Derrick Dukes, The Terminators (Riggs and Wolff), Wendy Richter, Bambi, Peggy Lee Leather and Luna. 

The tour was scheduled for 22 matches in 22 towns across Europe between April 13 and May 6, 1988. 

Ticket for the Stuggart show 
26 April, 1988

Derrick Dukes, Mick Karsh 
and Paul Orndorff

April 13 and May 6, 1988

April 13 Wednesday  17.45 New York to Amsterdam
by KLM
April 14 07.00 Amsterdam to Geneva 
by KLM - Hotel Cristal, Geneva
April 15 First show at "Patinoire des Vernets" 
19.15 - 23.00
April 16 10.05 Geneva to Zurich 
- Hotel Novapark 
April 17 Sunday 17.00 Bus to Bern for show at 
Sporthalle Spitalacker, Bern and 

return to Zurich
April 18 17.45 Bus to Basel for show at 
Sporthalle St Jacob, Basel and

return to Zurich
April 19 18.30 Bus to Zurich show at 
Volkhaus Zurich
April 20 Wednesday 09.40 depart Zurich airport for 
Vienna - Hotel Ananas
April 21 n/k
April 22 n/k
April 23 Bologna, Italy
April 24 Bologna, Italy
April 25 n/k
April 26 Stuttgart, Germany
April 27 Nuremberg, Germany
April 28 n/k 
April 29 Munich, Germany
April 30 n/k
May 1 Dusseldorf, Germany
May 2 Ludwigshafen, Germany
May 3 Frankfurt, Germany
May 4 Hannover, Germany

US Show aus dem Ferry Dusika Stadion. Tom Zenk vs Afa the wild Samoan. Etwas nerviger Kommentar von Jazz Gitty!

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