This piece was written as a build-up to a clash between the Can-Am Connection and the WWF tag team title holders The Hart Foundation (Brett Hart and Jim Neidhart). By the time this story went to press Tom Zenk had already departed the WWF. The Wrestler (August, 1987) still listed "Rick Martel and Tom Zenk" as No 5 in their top-ten tag teams and "No 1 contenders to the WWF Tag Team title".
Images used below are from Tom Zenk's first appearance on WWF TV.
they've won the fans' hearts - can they win the Harts' belts
Cover Story,
The Wrestler, August, 1987

Veteran hard-nosed reporter Matt Brock was reluctant when first sent on assignment to cover the Can-Am Connection. But by the end of his trip he believed, like many others, that Rick Martel and Tom Zenk have what it takes to win the WWF World tag team championship