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The Can-Am Tryout - Japan, November 1986

The Can-Am Tryout in Japan
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Tom Zenk in the WWF

Tom Zenk shoot on WWF
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Can-Am vs Islanders

Can-Am vs Sheik and Volkoff

Can-Am vs The Hart Foundation - Future Tag Champs!

Analysis of the Superfeud

Photos and story

1- The Card

 2 - Highlights of the Can-Am Match as Wrestlllemania III

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    The Can-Am Connection
    Remembers Martel, " As soon as I saw Tom mix it up, I got a weird feeling. I really felt as if I was watching a videotape of myself: it was a mirror image...  I knew we'd be tag team partners one day." by Keith Elliot Greenberg, WWF Magazine February/March 1987
    Can Nice Guys Finish First ?
    "They call themselves the Can-Am Connection. But can former A.W.A. champ Rick Martel and all-around good guy Tom Zenk connect with the big time in the W.W.F.? by Lonnie Mars  Wrestling World,  April 1987
    The Can-Am Connection - Wrestling's Dynamic Duo!
    Martel and Zenk can rough-house it with the biggest and baddest of foes. It seems with each passing day the "Can-Am Connection" are closer to becoming one of the greatest teams of all time - by Donny Liable, Wrestling Eye, August. 1987

    The Hart Foundation vs The Can-Ams 
    Special Analysis of this WWF Superfeud!  It's inevitable: The WWF World tag team champions will go up against the most popular team in the federation. The Hart Foundation vs The Can-Am Connection - it's a natural feud destined to ignite ttthe WWF with excitement. In this special analysis, The Wrestler provides a fan's guide to this impending war- The Wrestler, June, 1987 

    Can-Am Can Do! New WWF Tag Champs
    The Can-Am Connection should claim the WWF Tag Team titles in the near future. They alone have the potential to bring some credibility and dignity to the titles - Wrestling All Stars, 1987

    Can-Am Disconnection - introduction to the Can-Am split

    The Can-Am Division - Rick Martel and Tom Zenk
    Fans may soon be seeing them in the independent promotions but don't be surprised if they come out of separate dressing rooms - by Ciji Brianne, Wrestling Eye, February, 1988

    The Can-Am Division - part 2

    Tom Zenk Speaks Out 
    Tom Zenk says - "The W.W.F. was making good money off of me but my payoff wasn't that great. I talked to Rick about it, since he was supposed to be handling the business end of the deal, but he didn't do anything about it. He just kept telling me to hang in for a few years, make some money and THEN leave. I finally got ticked off......" Interview with Tom Zenk by Ciji Brianne, Wrestling Fury Volume 11 Number 3, June 1988

    Zenk Joins 'Brat' Pack as WWF Jackyl re-ignites Can-Am split

    The Can-Am Connection's New Directions
    Rick Martel and Tom Zenk have gone their separate ways. Once titans among the tag teams, the Can-Am Connection has come unconnected. Here's a look back at the dynamic duo and a look into the future for the Canadian, Martel, and the American, Zenk - by Allan Bolte, Wrestling World, December 1987

    Zenk proves to be Wrestling's High Plains Drifter
    Ray Whebbe , Pro Wrestling Torch, 1988
    Tom Zenk sits down with Ray Whebbe of Pro Wrestling Torch and looks back on the first half of his wrestling career 

  • Anything Martel can do I can do better - Kayfabe story from Apter mag 'The Wrestler' - re-entry to AWA feeding off Zenks 'reasons' for leaving WWF.
  • Characters that Could Have Been Huge - Sometimes, a great gimmick or a great character comes along that changes the face of wrestling forever. They get over with the fans and are worshipped by internet "smarks" everywhere. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that they last.

Interview Can Am and Gene Okerlund

Interview with Mick Karsh - one year after the split


Miscellaneous posts from the net on the history of the Can-Am Connection


1. The Tom Zenk Collection - Volumes 6 and 7 - the Can-Am Connection....more 

2. Rarities tape

Includes - First Can-Am Connection Promo (locker room) 
Deciding which is better Canada or the States 
WWF Wrestling Challenge TV 
Originally Aired: 2/1/87 
Tape quality – FAIR 

Major initial outing by the Can-Am Connection at the famed Madison Square Garden
New York City, NY January 19, 1987 
Tom Zenk and Rick Martel vs Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake 
Tape quality – FAIR 

Can-am Connection Promo
female fans attempt to rip off Zenk and Martel’s clothes - Jessie Ventura intervenes 
WWF Wrestling Challenge - Aired: February 23, 1987 
Tape quality – FAIR 

Rare Locker room fan footage  Cincinatti, OH 
Tom Zenk and Rick Martel meet up with 18 year old WWF fan backstage at a  house show in Cincinatti, OH in 1987 
Fan cam 
Tape quality – POOR 

plus more


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