Rare video footage of Tom Zenk
International Wrestling Association, Montreal, 1986
 Zenk triple teamed, bust open with a chair and juices; Steve Strong hangs Martel out to dry; Bockwinkel sells like crazy -
120 minutes of old style blood and guts classic rasslin' action and interviews!

1. Tom Zenk and Armand Rougeau 
     vs Ronnie and Jimmy Garvin

2. Tom Zenk and Sunny War Cloud
     vs Ronnie and Jimmy Garvin 

3. Tom Zenk vs Andre Malo

4. Tom Zenk vs Tito Senza

5. Tom Zenk vs Great Samu

6. Tom Zenk and Andre Malo 
vs Leo and Rudy Bruce  (joined in progress)

7. Tom Zenk vs Ludger Proux
8. Tom Zenk vs Nick Bockwinkel 

Bockwinkel sells like crazy..  "Nick got a good payday. I moved up a few notches in the fans’ minds. That night, Nick gave me the last backdrop I ever took. I almost broke my neck. You should see the tape. Rick said after the matches, “I thought you were finished.” He was scared.  But wow, in two years I’d really come a long way - from jobbing to Nick in 1984 to a 20-minute Broadway the summer of 1986. I had no idea I was THAT good or was it just Nick’s job to make me look good? I felt like a promoter’s son."

9. Tom Zenk vs 'Hogg' Irwin (from Gladiators)

10. Interview with Tom Zenk  (from Gladiators)

11.  Tom Zenk and Danny Kroffat 
vs Irwins (title change - from Gladiators)

12.  post match interview with new champs Tom Zenk and Dan Kroffat  (from Gladiators)

13. Tom Zenk and Danielle
vs Bill Irwin and Danny Johnson
14. Tom Zenk and  Danny Kroffat 
vs Bill Irwin and Danny Johnson
Scott 'Hogg' Irwin (masked) intervenes, Zenk juices, Martel intervenes, Steve Strong intervenes, Martel gets hung outside ring,  Zenk is triple teamed, along with Kroffat . "That night, I was tripled teamed and busted open with a chairshot. The crowd was going nuts because the pretty boy got cut up like a virgin. “Red means green." It was the only time I ever juiced in my life."



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