The Joey Maggs Interview
Part 2

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    Joey Maggs began wrestling in Georgia with Deep South Wrestling in 1987. He moved to Mississippi, then Louisiana before joining the USWA in Memphis.  In January 1991, he debuted in Ted Turner’s WCW in a match against Tom Zenk.  A friendship was forged that endures today.
    Maggs' arrival in WCW coincided with Dusty Rhodes' return as chief booker. Maggs quickly learned that the bookers can make or break a career. Dusty Rhodes and later Bill Watts wanted to push their sons and that meant pushing popular wrestlers  into the background.

    Outside the ring, however - " We had more fun than you could ever imagine.   There were a ton of girls, and a lot of swapping. We’d go out 4 or 5 nights a week. Tom could walk into a room and within 15 minutes or less, he’d have the best looking girl outta there.  Tom and I did very well with the girls and I have great memories of that.”

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