Tom Zenk in 
International Wrestling Association


May 13, 1985 - International; Verdun, QC
Dino Bravo n.c. vs. King Tonga 
Jacques Jr. & Raymond Rougeau b. Mad Dog Lefebvre & Leo Burke
Gino Brito Sr. b. Richard Charland
Gino Brito Jr & Sunny War Cloud b. Yves Vaillancourt & Hangman
Tom Zenk b. Scott Duran

May 27,1985 -  Montreal, Quebec, Canada @ Forum
Jos Leduc & Rick Martel beat Road Warrior Animal & Paul Ellering dq
Abdullah the Butcher vs. King Tonga
Dino Bravo beat Richard Charland
Jacques Rougeau, Jr. beat Jim Garvin dq
Gino Brito Sr. no contest Mad Dog Lefebvre (Brito’s farewell match)
Armand & Raymond Rougeau beat Rick Steiner & Rudy Burke
Destruction, Inc. beat Sunny War Cloud & Gino Brito Jr
Tom Zenk beat Scott Duran

The Paul Sauve Centre, Montreal - For the 60s to the late 80s, the Paul Sauve Centre was the Monday night Mecca of Montreal wrestling, initially as the home of "Les As de la Lutte" (Wrestling Aces) and "Sur le Matelas" (On the Mat) broadcast on CFTM 10, then as the home of Varoussac, later renamed International Wrestling and its show "Les Étoiles de la Lutte" presented on TELE 7 in Sherbrooke and its English counterpart, Superstars of Wrestling on CFCF 12. Besides wrestling, the areana presented Ice Hockey, Trade shows and the Olympic Volleyball preliminaries in 1976. The Sauve also had a curling hall turned bingo hall, a gymnasium, a restaurant and a bowling center. The Arena was demolished in 1996.

June 3, 1985 - International; Paul Sauve Centre; Montreal 
Jacques Jr. & Raymond Rougeau n.c. vs. King Tonga & Richard Charland 
Armand Rougeau b. Jimmy Garvin by DQ 
Tito Senza b. Sunny War Cloud (15.04)
Tom Zenk b. Destruction #1 (8.47)
Leo Burke & Rick Steiner b. Gino Brito Jr. & Reggie Rapone (13.08)

June 10, 1985 - International; Paul Sauve Centre; Montreal
Jimmy & Ronnie Garvin b. Dino Bravo & Gino Brito Jr. (220.04)
King Tonga b. Richard Charland (10.17)
Jacques Jr. & Raymond Rougeau b. Destruction Inc. (17.03)
Butch Reed b. Domenic Denucci (10.43)
Leo Burke b. Sunny War Cloud (16.48)
Tom Zenk b. Rick Steiner (10.27)

June 11, 1985 - International; Quebec City, QC
King Tonga won a 23-man Battle royal
Jacques Jr & Raymond Rougeau b. King Tonga & Richard Charland for the International Tag-team titles
Jimmy & Ronnie Garvin b. Armand Rougeau & Tom Zenk (17.00)
Butch Reed b. Denis Goulet (6.07)
Gino Brito Jr. & Domenic Denucci b.Destruction Inc. by DQ (15.10)
Rick Steiner & Scott Duran b. Tony Ricco & Sunny War Cloud (15.00)
Reggie Rapone b. Tito Senza (11.20)

June 24, 1985 - International

Dino Bravo and King Tonga (Meng) defeated the Road Warriors Hawk and Animal (Legion of Doom) by count out
Tonga Kid defeated Richard Charland follwing intervention by manager Tarzan Tyler
Little T and Little Beaver defeated Frenchy Lamont and Sunny Boy.
Armand Rougeau defeated The Great Samu by DQ ...
Gino Brito Jr. and Leo Burke (time limit draw)
Domenic DeNucci and Tom Zenk defeated Rick Steiner and Scott Durant

Dominic Denucci and Gino Britto

July 10, 1985 Palais des Sports, Val D'Or
Jacques and Raymond Rougeau vs Jimmy and RonnieGarvin w/Precious (Finale)
Dino Bravo and King Tonga vs Rick Charland and Sailor White (Semi Finale)
Attraction Speciale - Tom Zenk vs Leo Burke
plus 2 combats

July 15, 1985 - Verdun, Quebec, Canada @ Auditorium
Jimmy & Ronnie Garvin beat Raymond & Jacques Rougeau Jr
Tonga Kid & Tony Parisi beat AWA Tag Team Champions Road Warriors
King Tonga beat Butch Reed
Armand Rougeau beat Leo Burke
Great Samu beat Tom Zenk
Gino Brito Jr beat Rocky De La Serra

July 29, 1985-  Montreal, Quebec, Canada @ Forum
Ronnie & Jimmy Garvin beat Raymond & Jacques Rougeau dq
AWA Tag Team Champions Road Warriors beat Tonga Kid & King Tonga
Jos Leduc beat Great Samu
Dino Bravo beat The Superstar
Richard Charland & Mad Dog Lefebvre & Sailor White beat Gino Brito Jr & Armand Rougeau & Tom Zenk
Domenic DeNucci beat Destruction # 1

Montreal Forum- until 1997, home to The Canadiens hockey team, the Forum was also the venue for monthly IWA shows until 1986, when WWF took over relegating IWA to the Sauve. 

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Tom Zenk in 
International Wrestling Association, Montreal, 1986 
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