"Pin me and pay me ....
but you'll never make me quit"

An analysis of Tom Zenk's Match History
July -  December 1990


From last week

In first 4 months of 1990 (January to April), with a booking committee led by Ric Flair and Jim Cornette, Tom Zenk took to the ring in more than 70 singles and tag matches (with Brian Pillman) and was booked to lose only 5.   In the remaining 8 months (from May to December 1990), with a booking committee presided over by Ole Anderson, Zenk wrestled around 65 matches, mainly against less talented workers and 'monster heels'  - and was booked to lose more than 50%. Anderson's simple logic was "getting beat kills your career." But why did Anderson want to kill Zenk's career? ......