October,1985 - March,1986

 single and tag matches feuds grudge matches bounties foreign objects  'brass knucks in trunks' loaded masks eye gouging rope punishment  double-teaming  juicing stretcher matches championship bouts two out of three falls 


6 hours of classic wrestling - including Tom Zenk and Rick Vaughn vs  Moondog Moretti and Mean Mike Miller Tom Zenk, Ole Olsen and Steve Pardee vs Moretti, Miller and Karl Steiner Tom Zenk vs  Moretti Tom Zenk vs Diamond Tim Flowers Tag Championship - Tom Zenk and Scott Doring vs Moretti and Miller Tom Zenk and Billy Jack Haynes vs Rip Oliver and Bobby Jaggers (Oliver and Jaggers DQ after Zenk crotched on ropes) Tom Zenk and Billy Jack Haynes vs Rip Oliver and Bobby Jaggers - grudge return matchTom Zenk and Scott Doring vs Moretti and Jaggers Tom Zenk and Scott Doring vs Mega Maharishee and Jaggers Tom Zenk vs Bobby Jaggers  Tom Zenk and Scott Doring vs The Assassin and Mean Mike Miller (Zenk is stretchered out)  9 more matches starring Tom Zenkplus 15 interviews between Tom Zenk and Don Coss 
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"What can I say, but WOW!  This tape is fantastic.  The matches are awesome.  Keep up the good work and let me know when you make another tape.  You won't have to twist my arm to buy it." - Al.P
 " I had reservations about ordering the PNW tape because I wasn't sure the video quality would be good.  I'm happy to say the quality is far better than I expected.  I look forward to contributing more to the Tom Zenk Benefit in the future as you roll out what I hope is a great collection of tapes."


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