Tom Zenk returns to the North West, 1988, 1996

Photo - Ken Hamblin, 1996

Return to PNW - May 1988

In 1988 Tom Zenk returned to the Pacific North West to support Don Owen after Billy Jack Haynes' opened the rival Oregon Wrestling Federation. 

Dave Meltzer in the "Wrestling Observer" for March 28th, 1988 wrote -

“OREGON -- Billy Jack Haynes is getting ready to run opposition to Don Owen in Portland. Rip Oliver and Mike Miller have both quit working for Owen and are expected to start working for Haynes in a few weeks. Kevin Kelly, the Memphis Big Bubba (Fred Ottman/Shockmaster/ Tugboat/Typhoon for those who don't know), JT Southern, a heel Chavo Guerrero (who is expected to feud with Brady Boone), and also Curt Hennig and Tom Zenk have been given offers. Hennig likely will not come in, as he is content in the AWA ("well, as content as anyone can be working for Verne Gagne"), and Don Owen has already billed Zenk as appearing in his promotion.

There's also talk of Brad Rheingans possibly working for Haynes, and Joey Jackson has been discussed as well since he just quit working for Owen, although it's suspected that's because he's going to the WWF as a jobber. Matt Borne is taking Miller's place working for Owen. Al Madrial and Abbuda Dein are headed in, and Brian Adams should be back from Japan soon. The promotion is going to be called the OWWF (Oregon-Washington Wrestling Federation) and they have a wrestling school set up as well."

According to Tom Zenk, "Billy rang me and offered me $1,200 a week to come and work for him. I told him "No Billy, I'm loyal to Don." He told me, "Well I'm calling you a punk. You're nothing but a punk. I'm telling you, face to face, man to man, you're a punk." On the opening night of Billy Jack's fed, I drove up to Portland for the rival card that Don was promoting on the same night. I think Billy's promotion lasted only 4 months." (it closed 7/17/88).


5/7/88 Portland

Cage match for tag titles -
Steve Doll & Scott Peterson def. Avalanche & Mike Golden
Assassin def. Buddy Rose DQ

Tom Zenk def. Grappler DQ

Matt Borne def. Shogun 

Jesse Barr def. Al Madril DQ

Tom Zenk def. CW Bergstrom

Billy Two Eagles & Art Barr def. Moondog Moretti & Steve Austin


5/8/88 Seattle

AWA Champion Curt Hennig def. The Grappler 

Assassin def. Buddy Rose

Al Madril drew Jesse Barr

Tom Zenk def. CW Bergstrom

Matt Borne def. Shogun DQ

Steve Austin & Mike Golden & Avalanche def. Billy Two Eagles & Steve Doll & Art Barr

Steve Doll & Scott Peterson def. Moondog Moretti & Steve Austin

Cowboy Lang def. Coconut Willie


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Return to the North West - AWF August 1996 shows in Rochester, WA.

In 1995-96 Tom Zenk returned to the North West on tour with the American Wrestling Federation (AWF) an independent federation bankrolled by Paul Alperstein, a Chicago businessman and co-founder of Bankcard America. AWF ran a syndicated TV show called 'Warriors of Wrestling' in which Zenk also featured.

Rochester WA: August 16, 1996 Lucky Eagle Casino

Koko B. Ware beat Honkytonk Man

Sgt. Slaughter beat Buddy Rose

Charlie Norris & Tom Zenk beat Bob Orton Jr & Greg Valentine

Moondog Moretti beat Nailz dq

Tito Santana beat Blacktop Bully dq

Rochester WA: August 17, 1996 Lucky Eagle Casino

Koko B. Ware beat Honkytonk Man

Buddy Rose beat Sumito

Charlie Norris & Tito Santana beat Bob Orton Jr & Blacktop Bully
Greg Valentine beat Moondog Moretti

Tom Zenk beat Nailz

Photo Ken Hamblin

Rochester WA: August 18, 1996 Lucky Eagle Casino (Afternoon Show)

Buddy Wayne beat The Bodyguard

Koko B. Ware beat Honkytonk Man

Tom Zenk beat The Blacktop Bully

Charlie Norris & Billy Two Eagles beat Buddy Rose & Greg Valentine

Bob Orton Jr won battle royal

Tito Santana beat Bob Orton Jr.


Photo - Ken Hamblin


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