- A Huge Success -

The Fourth Annual Twin Cities Bodybuilding Championships

Saturday  May 2, 1981

The Mr Twin Cities competition was held at Harding High School, St. Paul with a standing room only crowd. The men's competiton attracted 30 contestants from all reaches of Minnesota, including three men from western Wisconsin. The distribution of competitors in the three divisions was as follows - Lightweight - 11, Middleweight - 11 and Heavyweight 8.

The Heavyweight Division showcased the best overall class of competitors. The audience was treated to a fine performance by Chuck Loesch of Minneapolis in his first competition for 7 years. Loesch finished second in Mr USA and rated in the 1974 Mr World contest. He was placed fifth in the Twin Cities Competiton.  In fourth position was a fine competitor from Duluth, Ralph Anderson. Rick Perrozzi, who won the heavyweight division of the Gopher State Bodybuilding Championship just six weeks earlier, finished third.

It was quite a battle for first place between Tom Kasat  and Tom Zenk. In fact it took a posedown in the evening show to determine the winner of the class. Both competitors were in the best shape of their lives and in the end it came down to definition and skin tone. Zenk over Kasat!

1981's Mr Twin Cities, Tom Zenk has made tremendous improvement since his first competiton last fall - look for his name in the future!!


"Mr Twin Cities, Tom Zenk  .......look for his name in the future!!"


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