"Bigger, Badder, Better"
March 29, 1987 in Pontiac, MI
The Silverdome drawing 93,173 ($1,599,000)
["the largest indoor crowd in North American history"]
Shown live on CCTV drawing 441,000 ($5,200,000)
Shown live on PPV (10.2)
Aretha Franklin with "America the Beautiful."
Bob Uecker interviews.
Rick Martel and Tom Zenk beat Bob Orton and Don Muraco (5:37) when Martel pinned Muraco with a cross-body block.  

Billy Jack Haynes and Hercules Hernandez double count-out (7:44).  

Hillbilly Jim, Little Beaver, and Haiti Kid beat King Kong Bundy, Lord Littlebrook, and Little Tokyo (3:25)  via disqualification when Bundy dropped an elbow on Little Beaver. 

Harley Race pinned Junkyard Dog (4:22) in a "loser must bow and kneel" match. Harley Race used a belly-to-belly suplex to pin the JYD.  

Brutus Beefcake and Greg Valentine beat Jacques & Raymond Rougeau (4:03) when, with Dino Bravo's assistance, Valentine pinned Raymond Rogeau. 

Roddy Piper beat Adrian Adonis via sleeperhold in a "hair vs hair" match. According to Piper, WMIII would be his last match. Brutus Beefcake proceeded to cut Adonis' hair.  

6-man tag action - The Hart Foundation and Danny Davis beat The British Bulldogs and Tito Santana (8:52) when Davis pinned Smith.  

Butch Reed pinned Koko B. Ware (3:39).  

Ricky Steamboat pinned Randy Savage (14:35) to win the WWF Inter-Continental Title.  

Honkytonk Man pinned Jake Roberts (7:04). Jake Roberts accompanied to ring by Alice Cooper .  

Iron Sheik and Nikolia Volkoff beat The Killer Bees (5:44) via disqualification. 

Main Event. Bob Uecker was the guest ring announcer, and Mary Hart was timekeeper. WWF World Champ Hulk Hogan pinned Andre the Giant (12:01).  

 The Can-Am Connection vs. Magnificent Muraco/Bob Orton
Muraco and Zenk start off. 
Muraco tries to power his way through Zenk, but Zenk uses his ring skills to overcome him. 
With a couple of double team moves Orton tags in but he too is dominated by the   Can-Am Connection's techician.
Zenk works Orton over, focusing on his arm. Martel tags in and continues to work on Orton's arm. 
Zenk tags in again. Orton breaks free and tags Muraco. Muraco dominates Zenk for this passage. Orton tags in again and works over Zenk.  Zenk recovers.
All four men are in the ring. In the confusion Martel hits a crossbody block on Muraco, while Zenk trips him.
Muraco is down and Martel gets the pin! 
Can-Am Connection over Muraco/Orton