March 29, 1987
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Gene Okerlund - "You know I can not recall in all the years that I've covered this great sport of professional wrestling, a tag team that has enjoyed such widespread popularity as the Can-Am Connection. The Canadian portion from Quebec City, of course, is Ricky Martel and his tag team partner, the American end of the Can-Am Connection, from Minneapolis, Minnesota is none other than Tom Zenk. Gentlemen, I can't I guess talk enough about the great matches you've had in the past but here on out, you know, Ricky every one very very important - crucial."
Rick Martel - "Yes crucial everyone indeed,Gene. Y'know its getting harder and harder but we're enjoying it.  Y'know WWF has the best competition in the world and believe me we know it now more than ever y'know.  But we're prepared, everytime we step into that ring,  y'know, we want to add a new dimension to the Can-Am Connection, everytime we're thinking about new techniques, new wrestling moves - we want to take our opponent by surprise and y'know what's helping us a great deal and y'know we love it, the people, is the great reception that people are giving us all the time they're with us one hundred percent and that must mean we're on the right track I'm sure. "
Okerlund - "You know Rick, you just touched on it and Tom, I'm going to have you address it - the one thing that I can notice - that I can differentiate between the Can-Am Connection and  a lot of other tag teams that we see here in the World Wrestling Federation is the phenomenal communication that you two have in the ring. Team work is so very important." 
Tom Zenk - "Thats right Gene and what a great thing - my best friend is my partner - he's like a brother to me. He's taken me a lot of places and believe me we're ready for any kind of competition and winning is very important - And I'd like to thank the fans. They've given us such great support, they get us excited,  the adrenealin's flowing and boy, with the people behind us, there's no stopping us. And believe me we want to take it all the way to the top."
Okerlund - "You know gentlemen if we take a look at this thing - as we get further and further up the ladder, the matches become much tougher, eh Ricky.  Of course,  the competition becomes so much better." 
Martel -  "And especially, y'know, when every team, y'know, has in mind that world tag team championship around their waist and we want it real bad, y 'know, and like the song said "we're looking for a heart beat"  - yes the Hart Foundation and believe me when we find them we're going to be prepared for them. But until then each match, like you said earlier, is very crucial but we're doing our homework and, y'know, the people, like Tom said, with the people behind us there's no stopping us, isn't that right partner.
Tom Zenk - 'That's right." 
Okerlund - "I'm very curious, aside from your daily workouts and of course travelling around the country and travelling around the world in the World Wrestling Federation, Tom and Rick what do you do on your off time. Do you get to spend some leisure time." 
Martel - "Oh yes, right now we have a deal worked out, my partner and I. I'm showing him Canada - all the beautiful cities and beautiful women. And he's showing me the United States - the beautiful cities and beautiful women. Ha ha. "
Okerlund - "Is that true Tom?" 
Tom Zenk - "That's right wherever we are whether Canada or United States we've each got our turn - we've got a deal." 
Okerlund - "All right, they are something else. Surely one of the great great tag teams here in the World Wrestling Federation. Keep an eye on Tom Zenk and Rick Martel - they're going to be coming to town very very shortly they are the Canadian American Connection  - the Can-Am Connection . Thankyou gentlemen, thankyou." 
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