NEW JAPAN, 1991

New Japan/WCW Starrcade '91

March 21, 1991 in Egg Dome, Tokyo, Japan

drawing 64,500 ($3,160,000)

Diary for the week

"All the wrestlers and company officials along with the press met at the Keio Plaza Hotel for a luncheon. The way everything was handled gave this show the aura of a hot heavyweight title fight. .... The difference in the overall respect that the business and sport of pro-wrestling have in Japan as compared to the United States is overwhelming..... When Antonio Inoki walked in, it was not like a celebrity had just entered the room, it was more like George Bush [Snr].... Whatever product mix one favors in regards to pro-wrestling ... the fact is that the Japanese style enables the sport (and you can't argue the word 'sport' doesn't apply here) to have a level of respect and mainstream popularity that the product mix in the US simply doesn't allow ...There are no babyfaces and heels, at least in the exaggerated sense. The heat comes from action in the ring rather than personal characteristics..." (Dave Meltzer, WON 04/01/91)

Mr Hughes, Tom Zenk, Bam Bam Bigelow, and Shane Douglas at the Keio Plaza Hotel lunch.


..... three dropkicks on Kobayashi

After several hot near falls, Iizuka pinned Horner (at 12:10) with a Dragon suplex (full nelson into a German suplex). It had been a good cold Japan match with some nice spots and good crowd reaction – pretty much was it was supposed to be. Meltzer scored it three and three quarter stars - second behind The Steiners vs Hiroshi Hase and Kensuke Sasaki, which he considered "a definite match of the year candidate." (WON 04/01/91).