Tom Zenk in Canada
1984 - 1985
Tom Zenk's perfect drop-kick catches Steve Regal squarely on the chin, 1984.
August 15, 1984 
AWA -- Winnipeg; Norberry School 
(T.V. Taping)
The Road Warriors (Animal and Hawk) 
beat Tom Zenk and Brian Lucas 
Other stars appearing: Bockwinkel, Atlas, Von Raschke, and Iron 
Sept 19, 1984 
AWA -- Winnipeg; Norberry School 
(T.V. Taping) 
Nick Bockwinkel beat Tom Zenk 
The Road Warriors beat Tom Zenk and Iron Duke 
Other Features: The Fabulous Ones (Lane and Keirn)
Sept 20, 1984
AWA -- Winnipeg; Winnipeg Arena 
Attendance: 4,708
Tom Zenk beat Rick Renslow;  Curt Hennig beat Butch Stevenson; 
Billy Robinson beat Chris Pepper; Baron Von Raschke beat Steve Regal; Lane, Keirn, and Lanza beat  Zbyszko, Saito, and Heenan 
Brunzell and Tony Atlas beat The Road Warriors 
Rick Martel beat Nick Bockwinkel by reverse decision 
Oct 17, 1984
AWA -- Winnipeg; Norberry School 
(T.V. Taping)
Jimmy Garvin beat Tom Zenk 
Other top stars: Bockwinkel, Von Raschke, Atlas and Blackwell 
Dec 27, 1984
AWA -- Winnipeg; Winnipeg Arena 
Attendance: 4,904 
Billy Robinson 
Tom Zenk 
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Tom Zenk head locks The SuperDestroyer, 1985
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Mar 7, 1985 
AWA -- Winnipeg; Winnipeg Arena 
Attendance: 5,208 
Billy Robinson 
Tom Zenk
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Apr 24, 1985
AWA -- Winnipeg; Winnipeg Arena 
Attendance: 6,636
Michael Hayes and Buddy Roberts beat Tom Zenk and Rick Sophsky 
Sgt. Slaughter beat Adnan Al-Kaissie by DQ 
Jimmy Garvin beat Baron Von Raschke 
Rick Martel beat Mr. Saito 
Nick Bockwinkel and Ray Stevens beat Larry and Curt Hennig 
Butch Reed beat Brian Jewel 
Brunzell, G. Gagne and Blackwell beat  Animal, Hawk and Ellering
Aug 21, 1985 
 AWA -- Winnipeg; 
Holy Cross School  (T.V. Taping)
Tom Zenk drew with Nick Bockwinkel 
Tom Zenk beat Rob Rechsteiner (Rick Steiner) 
Tom Zenk beat Brian Jewel 
Other stars: Bill and Scott Irwin; Scott Hall; Boris Zhukov; Rick 
Martel; and 
Nick Bockwinkel
Aug 22, 1985
AWA -- Winnipeg; Winnipeg Arena 
Attendance: 4,208
"Bulldog" Bob Brown beat Brian Jewel 
Scott Hall drew with Larry Zbyszko 
Tom Zenk beat Steve Regal 
Boris Zhukov beat Rick Martel by DQ 
Baron Von Raschke beat Nick Bockwinkel by CO 
Bill and Scott Irwin beat Buck Zumhofe and Rob Rechsteiner 
Larry and Curt Hennig and Jerry Blackwell beat Michael Hayes, Buddy 
Roberts and
Terry Gordy
Sept 18, 1985
 AWA -- Winnipeg;
Holy Cross School
(T.V. Taping) 
Tom Zenk beat Bob Adams
Others Stars: Larry Hennig; Buddy Lane; Jimmy Garvin; etc.
Sept 19, 1985
AWA -- Winnipeg; Winnipeg Arena 
"Wally Karbo 
Tribute show" 
Attendance: 3,600
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Jimmy Garvin beat Buck Zumhofe 
Buddy Lane beat Steve Regal 
Baron Von Raschke beat Buddy Roberts 
Curt Hennig and Tom Zenk beat Bill and Scott Irwin 
Rick Martel beat Boris Zhukov by DQ 
Jerry Blackwell beat Michael Hayes 
Vern May ( has generously provided the record of Tom Zenk's matches in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. 
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