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Enter the WCW (1989)

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1989 Match list (arena and tv)



1990 Match list (arena and tv)

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1990 : Between 'Rock' and a Hard Place - A year of struggle with Ole Anderson and the WCW booking committee ....read more

"Pin me and pay me .... An analysis of Tom Zenk's Match History
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WCW Year Book 1990

Tom 'The Z-Man' Zenk Headed For A Championship

Going out and getting his job done, quickly and efficiently, is the 'Z-Man' Tom Zenk's modus operandi. In the NWA his job is to win a major championship belt. The skill and tenacity he displays in the ring have shown the wrestling world that Tom Zenk won't fail in reaching his goal - by Don Liable, Wrestling's Main Event, March 1990 Vol. 7 No 5 - more

Latest Tag Team Contenders! Pillman And Zenk; Flyin' High Over The NWA

With their strong aerial attacks, fantastic wrestling ability, and conditioning, Tom Zenk and Brian Pillman - the NWA's High Flyers - are a team to watch out for! - by Robert E. Riddick, Jr. TV Wrestlers, March 1990 - more

Z-Man Tom Zenk - NWA Sleeper

"Z-Man" Tom Zenk has spent months in the shadows of the superstars, but that doesn't mean he's not good enough to attain greatness. Don't be fooled: Zenk could be World champion someday, and the NWA's top stars know it! - by Andy Rodriguez, Wrestling Classics, May 1990 - more

The Z-Man Back and Better Than Ever

His career was on the upswing. Tom Zenk and partner Rick Martel were a tag-team combination taking the WWF by storm. Zenk and Martel, known as the "Can-Am Connection," were on their way to the tag title. Then, shockingly, Zenk walked away from wrestling. Now Zenk has returned. He has moved to the NWA and is happier than ever. This time Zenk says he's here to stay! - by Don Liable, Wrestling World, May 1990 - more

Tom Zenk and "Flyin" Brian Who Will Desert Whom?

Tom Zenk and "Flyin'" Brian Pillman are the NWA US Tag Team Champions, but trouble may loom. Zenk never stays with one promotion for long periods of time. And there are rumors that Ric Flair would like Pillman on his side. So the big question is, who will desert whom first, Pillman or Zenk?? - by Jim Aronson , Wrestling's Main Event, (1990) - more

Brian Pillman and Tom Zenk - Will Their Championship Dreams Tear Them Apart

Tom Zenk and Brian Pillman are great U S tag team champions, but their partnership is on shaky grounds. Each man has his own individual goals that involves singles titles. Will their championship ambitions cause a rift? - by Andy Rodriguez, Inside Wrestling, August, 1990 - more

On Assignment Open Season On Pretty Boys

On this night in the Meadowlands, Zenk and Gibson were roundly booed by a hostile audience. At one point in their match against the Freebirds, Michael Hayes and Jimmy Garvin pulverized Zenk into the mat as many fans rose to their feet and applauded. Does this mean it's open season on pretty boys? - by Liz Hunter, Inside Wrestling, August 1990 - more

Brian Pillman and Tom Zenk - Flying High!!

"Great wrestlers are honest, hardworking craftsmen engaged in a wholesome direction of energy for the entertainment of the fans. Success is a journey not a destination. It's easy to be ordinary but it takes guts to excel". So said the legendary 'Kangaroo' Al Costello. Among modern grapplers, Tom Zenk and Brian Pillman immediately come to mind as perfect examples of Costello's principles - by Don Laible, Wrestling Eye, September 1990 - more

Not all Guts and Glory

Pro-wrestling is as difficult to break into as a high school clique. It is one of America's last "father and son" industries; an industry where it is definitely who you know, not what you know, that is important - Wrestling Eye, September 1990 - more


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