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"you've got Dr. Zahorian with 2 tackle boxes
full of steroids, painkillers, speed and
downers? And you're selling your
product to little children. "


31. What response did you get from the McMahons when you left?

A few days after I left,  I got a letter from Vince telling me that I was hurting Rick's earning potential. They both tried to put the responsibility for the split on me. But it was Rick's own greed that destroyed the Can-Ams and his own future earning potential. Later on they sued me for breach of contract. They sued me for an amount which would have finished me financially. I rang McMahon. I wanted to make the point that they hadn't treated me with respect. He wasn't there so I spoke to Linda (McMahon's wife and business partner). I told Linda - "You made the decision to pay Rick more money than me. I found out. I left. You say I was a quitter to enhance your product. You replaced me with a better wrestler, Tito. Strike Force didn't get over. You lost!  The joke's on you."  I asked them to leave me alone. "What do you want to do, wreck me." It was like the mob - they were very big on loyalty but when you wanted out, they went after you. I told Linda "I've got the New York Times' phone number in front of me. How would you like me to ring them and tell them that you've got Dr. Zahorian in your locker room with 2 tackle boxes full of steroids, painkillers, speed and downers? And you're making money out of selling your product to little children." And Linda said "I wouldn't do that if I were you." I said "Are you threatening me?" and she replied "You can take it any way you want."

*      *       *

32. Who originally came up with the concept “Can-Am Connection?”

Rick came up with the name. He had the jackets made, the blue jacket he sent me in Portland. I had the flags and the trunks made. Rick went down to see Vince and convinced him it was Vince's idea, to put Vince over.

33. How did your first WWF match compare to your previous work in AWA, PNW or IWA?

The first match was against the British Bulldogs in Montreal. They were good workers and there were no problems adjusting. They were very professional workers.

Zenk and Martel vs Orton and Muraco at Wrestlemania III. 

 left - Orton prepares to headbutt a prone Zenk;
bottom left - Zenk and Orton collide mid ring; 
bottom right -  "they wanted a little cutesy finish." (more images)

"Orton was a great guy, a great technician, a guy that I respected and liked as a person, a guy who accepted me and helped me in the ring,  a second generation man who took the time to help me perfect my craft, as well as taking care of me in the ring. And someone I liked to shoot pool with!"