" I owe Jack an apology...."
56. According to Martel, he visited you in Minneapolis three days later. Can you describe the meeting, where it took place and what was discussed? 

I was fixing up the new home I'd bought a few weeks earlier. He came with 'Blackjack' Lanza. I was working in my garage, refinishing the kitchen cabinets. Rick was honest - he said I can understand what you're doing. And he gave away how much he was earning. I didn't discuss in detail the real reason for what I'd done. I was so mad. I told him "I'm done." He told me we were going to win the belts and work a program with Demolition ....but the hot heel team draws the money - that's the tradition - so we wouldn't have held the belts for long. Jack Lanza came in. Jack Lanza was one of the guys in AWA who had encouraged me to go to Portland (in 1985) and I owe Jack an apology. I hurt his feelings. Only he was in the line of fire and I told him "Get out of here. You're just a stroke for the office." Rick had tears in his eyes.  It was sad to see but he'd been so unnecessarily greedy. He asked me to go back for one final match - they planned to 'finish my career' with a pile-driver from the Islanders. He told me "Haku will pile-drive you, break your neck and then we'll say you're out of the business." I said "No Rick. It's finished. OVER."