Tom Zenk on WCW Pro Wrestling 1991

In 1990, WCW Pro Wrestling was picked up by WPIX-TV in New York City and WGN-TV in Chicago.

These two shows were localized versions of the show, with Tony Schiavone and Larry Zbysko hosting WGN's WCW Pro Chicago , while Jim Ross and Paul E. Dangerously hosted WPIX's WCW Pro New York .

These local versions featured the same matches as the national version of the show, with local spots inserted.

In mid 1991, the New York version moved to WCBS-TV. However, after only a few weeks, the show was replaced by WCW WorldWide.

January 5, 1991
Terry Taylor vs Dutch Mantell
Sid Vicious vs Darnell Yates
Freebirds/Buddy Landell/Tracy Smothers/Brad Armstrong confrontation
Danger Zone - Sting
State Patrol vs. Brett Wayne/Itallion Stallion
Brian Pillman vs. Crusher Knopf
Buddy Landell vs. Rip Rogers
Freebirds vs Tracy Smothers/Brad Armstrong

January 12, 1991
Brian Pillman vs. Tom Burk
Horsemen video
Sid Vicious vs Mountain Man Bailey
Danger Zone - Minotaur
Renegade Warriors vs Jeff Sword/Mark Kyle
Brickhouse BONUS
Z-Man vs. Moondog Rex (TV Title)
INT - Z-Man

Konan vs Barry Horowitz
Michael Wallstreet vs. Scotty Williams


January 19, 1991
Master Blasters vs. Tim Parker/Scotty Allen
Rick Steiner vs. Mike Samples (Master Blasters briefly come ringside!)
Danger Zone - Ric Flair
Brian Pillman vs. James Earl Wright
Brickhouse BONUS
Terry Taylor vs. Joe Barrett (Alexandra York watches at ringside)
Minotaur vs. Keith Hart (Bret Hart's brother)
Southern Boys vs. Ed Brock/George South
Horsemen video

January 26, 1991
Arn Anderson/Barry Windham vs. Ricky Morton/Tommy Rich
Z-Man vs. Bobby Eaton (TV Title)
Brickhouse BONUS
Brian Pillman vs. Bill Ford
Danger Zone - Ron Simmons w/ Teddy long
Ron Simmons vs. Bob Harman
Sid Vicious vs. Todd Galinia
Steiner Brothers vs. Bob Morgan/Mike Samples

February 2, 1991
Michael Wallstreet vs. Tim Parker
High-lites of Ric Flair regaining the World Title from Sting
Lex Luger vs. John Peterson
Sid Vicious vs. Johnny Boyd
Arn Anderson/Barry Windham vs. Ricky Morton/Tommy Rich (re-match from previous week)

February 9,1991
Ron Simmons vs. Rick Cannon
Sid Vicious vs. Frank DeFalco
Sullivan's Saloon - El Gigante (debut edition of Kevin Sullivan's interview segment)
Junkyard Dog vs. Tom Burk
Z-Man vs. Arn Anderson (TV Title match - Courtesy of World Wide from 2/2/91 )
Sting vs. Buddy Landell
Ric Flair vs. ??? (El Gigante comes out and confronts Flair)
Terry Taylor/Brad Armstrong/Tim Horner vs. Rip Rogers/Pat Rose/Kevin Nash (Yes, THAT Kevin Nash!)

February 16,1991
Sting/Lex Luger vs. Magnum Force
Z-Man vs. James Earl Wright
Tatsumi Fujinami vs. Ricky Toshu (IWGP Titile) - from Japan
The Royal Family vs. Dave Johnson/John Peterson
Sid Vicious vs. Thad Clark (Anderson & Windham bring out a scretcher!)
Danger Zone - Doom
Dustin Rhodes vs. Joe Cruz (Rhodes WCW PRO debut)
El Gigante vs. Barry Windham


February 23, 1991
Terrence Taylor vs. Tommy Angel
Stan Hansen vs. Jim Boss
Danger Zone - Stan Hansen
Dustin Rhodes vs. Joe Cazana
Brickhouse BONUS
Ric Flair/Arn Anderson/Barry Windham/Sid Vicious vs. Joey Maggs/Greg Sawyer/Ricky Nelson/Keith Hart
Tommy Rich vs. Buddy Lee Parker
INT - Tommy Rich/Big Josh
Doom vs. Scott Sandlin/Jeff Anderson (Diamond Dallas Page comes to ringside!)
Steiner Brothers vs. Randy Starr/Mark Kyle


March 2,1991
Dan Spivey vs. David Isley
Dan Spivey promo
Clips - Doom vs. Freebirds (from Wrestle War '91)
Big Josh vs. Rip Rogers
Brickhouse BONUS
Danger Zone - Ron Simmons
Ric Flair/Barry Windham vs. Sting/El Gigante
Brian Pillman vs. Buddy Landell
Terrance Taylor vs. Z-Man
Buddy Landell promo
Tim Horner vs. Ron Cumberland (El Gigante/Sting/Horsemen all come out!)


March 9,1991
Young Pistols vs. Joe Cazana/Rip Rogers (Southern Boys have changed their name to the Young Pistols)
Dan Spivey promo
Ric Flair promo
Dustin Rhodes vs. Pat Rose
Danger Zone-Sting (clip-Sting/Zbysko brawl) Larry Z then attacks
Dustin Rhodes vs. Rob Morgan
Bobby Eaton vs. Buddy Landell
Brickhouse BONUS
Barry Windham promo
Barry Windhamvs. Terry Bronson
Freebirds (champs) vs. Steiner Brothers (Steiners WIN TAG TITLES!)
Larry Z's Legends - Steiner Brother (debut of Larry Zbysko's interview segment)
Sid Vicious vs. Scott Allen (Brian Pillman comes out and ATTACKS Vicious!)
Terrence Taylor promo
Sting/Lex Luger promo
Sting/Lex Luger vs. Mark Kyle/Mick Drago

to be continued ......


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