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There were a number of reasons for this booking.

(1) That season, after years of double count-outs, Baba had decided on a pinfall or submission to finish every match. He believed clean finishes were a major factor in the rival UWF's success.

(2) At the time, there was considerable heat between AJPW and NWA - despite various efforts to sew up a deal between the promotions to share talent. AJPW were pressing Zenk to sign a contract for the upcoming October tour.  Zenk requested a long term contract and commitment from AJPW which they appeared reluctant to guarantee. Meanwhile NWA had contacted Zenk and were willing to sign a two year contract at $156,000 per year.  Zenk advised AJPW of his NWA negotiations and the possibility of being unavailble in October, unless AJPW matched the deal. AJPW responded by downcarding him for the Summer tour.

(3) Iin deference to Zenk's Japanese fans - and in case Zenk might still be persuaded to sign - Zenk was protected in the booking and it was Brunzell booked to do the jobs.

Following the 1989 Summer Tour, Zenk signed a 2 year contract with WCW. He didn't return to Japan until  March 1991, for the opposition NJPW/WCW Tokyo Dome Supershow.

Tom Zenk in All Japan Pro Wrestling
Summer Action Series
Results 1989



Tom Zenk with Jim Brunzell, his tag partner for the
Summer 1989 season, Tokyo July 1989


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