Tom Zenk in WCW


In December 1990, Tom Zenk was booked to win the World TV Title revitalizing a belt that had lost  its status during Arn Anderson's tenure.  "A television taping on 12/4 at Center Stage in Atlanta before a sellout crowd was headlined by Zenk winning the TV title from Arn Anderson after a dropkick off the top rope.... a great match" (WON12/17/90).Anderson appeared for TV with a bandaged wrist and plastered forehead, too much of a 'working mark' to  lose to a 'pretty boy' without an excuse. Anderson led the match but had difficulty keeping pace for the full period (17 minutes), resorting to frequent rest holds.  Zenk was in shape, physically and mentally, motivated again after a demoralizing year. His win over Anderson was popular, with solid crowd support throughout the match.  The Zenk-Anderson title switch was aired Saturday -12/22/90.  WON reported (1/8/91) -  "An old-style match which lasted 17 minutes. Slow builder but tons of heat for the finish which was most impressive ......" The match drew a 3.4 rating, the best rating for the WCW Saturday show since February 1990.
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