AWA debut  

Introducing Tom Zenk, 1984
This article written in early 1985 is a promotional piece for a young Tom Zenk, just breaking into the pro wrestling scene....... 

Gagne puts flex into Zenk

How Gagne put some flex into Tom Zenk's muscle-bound physique
Promotional article written in early 1985 by future ECW promoter Paul Heyman...

AWA The Return, 1988

Tom Zenk returns to the AWA, 1988
Tom Zenk returns to AWA, 1988, after the Can-Am split.

Tom Zenk Speaks Out from Wrestling Fury Volume 11, No 3, June 1988

Tom Zenk - Capsule profile

Why Zenk Must WIn The World Title

"Why Tom Zenk Must Win the AWA World Title." with Photos by Bruce Krietzman

AWA 1987-9 - here|


"Tom Zenk - More than a Pretty Face" - Wrestling Eye, 1987

Tom Zenk narrowly misses out as Larry Zbyszko wins the AWA World Title In A Battle Royal  - Bob Smith PWI June 1989

Zenk in AWA
Back in the AWA Part 2 -  By around the late spring of 1988 Zenk ......

Larry Nelson - AWA commentator - extracts from his biography
Many of the matches in the Tom Zenk Collection #1 and 2 - (AWA 1984-5) were taped in Winnipeg for AWA's Canadian TV show.  This show aired weekly on TSN but was taped once a month in Winnipeg. What happened at night in the local hotel is the subject of much of AWA commentator Larry Nelson's recent book Stranglehold. In these extracts Nelson writes about 'carney', Eric Bischoff and a typical night out in Winnipeg - "the best party stop on the AWA circuit." Whebbe , Pro Wrestling Torch, 1988

Zenk in AWA
Back in the AWA Part 2 -  By around the late spring of 1988 Zenk ......

Tom Zenk battles Larry Zbyszko in AWA battle royal Tom Zenk in battle royal for AWA world title

Tom Zenk and Larry Zbyszko

Images from the Battle Royal

Zenk proves to be Wrestling's High Plains Drifter
Tom Zenk sits down with Ray Whebbe of Pro Wrestling Torch and looks back on the first half of his wrestling career

PNW - 1985-6

You can't win without the fans by Ken Hamblin, Wrestling Ringside, No 19, May 1986

IWA - 1986

Tom Zenk - Future Champion of Quebec, Lutte International, Quebec, Summer/Fall, 1986

Lutte Box magazine cover, May 1986

Journal de Montreal - TV guide (wrestling)

World Wrestling Federation 1986-7 - here

The Can-Am Connection
Remembers Martel, " As soon as I saw Tom mix it up, I got a weird feeling. I really felt as if I was watching a videotape of myself: it was a mirror image...  I knew we'd be tag team partners one day." by Keith Elliot Greenberg, WWF Magazine February/March 1987

Can Nice Guys Come First ?
"They call themselves the Can-Am Connection. But can former A.W.A. champ Rick Martel and all-around good guy Tom Zenk connect with the big time in the W.W.F.? by Lonnie Mars  Wrestling World,  April 1987

The Can-Am Connection - They've Won the Fans' Hearts - Can They Win The Hart's Belts
Veteran hard-nosed reporter Matt Brock believes Rick Martel and Tom Zenk have what it takes to win the WWF tag team championship by Matt Brock, The Wrestler, August, 1987

Can-Am Can Do! Rick Martel and Tom Zenk Light Up the WWF!
 Before you give them a copycat label, watch what they can do in the ring! - by Liz Hunter, PWI June 1987

The Can-Am Connection Championship Bound!
Tom Zenk and Rick Martel send the fans into a frenzy, with their tanned skin, stone carved bodies and great looks. But will they be able to win the WWF World Title?.. - by Steve Pferrer, Wrestling's Main Event, 1987

[Wrestlers of the Month] The Can-Am Connection - An Ex-Champion [Martel] Looks For Himself in the WWF's HOTTEST New Team - "It's been a long road for former AWA Champ Rick Martel, all the way from the top of the AWA to the jungle of tag teams on the WWF. But according to Jim Schuerman, he's doing better than ever.... Rick Martel has teamed up with Tom Zenk and they have quickly ascended to groupie heaven."

The Orange Hulk

A Talk With The Can-Am Connection
Their combination of skill and athletic ability has literally catapulted the Connection to the status of highly rated contenders for the WWF Tag Team Title  -  by Carol Buffin, WWF Magazine, July 1987

The Can-Am Connection - Wrestling's Dynamic Duo!
Martel and Zenk can rough-house it with the biggest and baddest of foes. It seems with each passing day the "Can-Am Connection" are closer to becoming one of the greatest teams of all time - by Donny Liable, Wrestling Eye, August. 1987

The Hart Foundation vs The Can-Ams
Special Analysis of this WWF Superfeud!  It's inevitable: The WWF World tag team champions will go up against the most popular team in the federation. The Hart Foundation vs The Can-Am Connection - it's a natural feud destined to ignite tttthe WWF with excitement. In this special analysis, The Wrestler provides a fan's guide to this impending war- The Wrestler, June, 1987

Can-Am Can Do! New WWF Tag Champs
The Can-Am Connection should claim the WWF Tag Team titles in the near future. They alone have the potential to bring some credibility and dignity to the titles - Wrestling All Stars, 1987

The Can-Am Division - Rick Martel and Tom Zenk
Fans may soon be seeing them in the independent promotions but don't be surprised if they come out of separate dressing rooms - by Ciji Brianne, Wrestling Eye, February, 1988

Tom Zenk Speaks Out
Tom Zenk says - "The W.W.F. was making good money off of me but my payoff wasn't that great. I talked to Rick about it, since he was supposed to be handling the business end of the deal, but he didn't do anything about it. He just kept telling me to hang in for a few years, make some money and THEN leave. I finally got ticked off......" Interview with Tom Zenk by Ciji Brianne, Wrestling Fury Volume 11 Number 3, June 1988

The Can-Am Connection's New Directions
Rick Martel and Tom Zenk have gone their separate ways. Once titans among the tag teams, the Can-Am Connection has come unconnected. Here's a look back at the dynamic duo and a look into the future for the Canadian, Martel, and the American, Zenk - by Allan Bolte, Wrestling World, December 1987

Scouting  Report - A No-Holds Barred Look At Wrestling's Top Stars

JAPAN 1985-9 - here

NWA- WCW 1989- 1994 - magazine index here
Wrestling All Stars August 1990 - match images

The Nineties Are Almost Upon Us - Make Way for the New Young Stars of the NWA - from Wrestling Wrap Up 11.08.91

WCW Year Book 1990

Tom 'The Z-Man' Zenk Headed For A Championship

Going out and getting his job done, quickly and efficiently, is the 'Z-Man' Tom Zenk's modus operandi. In the NWA his job is to win a major championship belt. The skill and tenacity he displays in the ring have shown the wrestling world that Tom Zenk won't fail in reaching his goal - by Don Liable, Wrestling's Main Event, March 1990 Vol. 7 No 5 - more Exclusive Color Portraits - Tom "Z Man" Zenk

Five Sure Roads to Success - Our advice to "Z-Man" Tom Zenk from Inside Wrestling

Latest Tag Team Contenders! Pillman And Zenk; Flyin' High Over The NWA

With their strong aerial attacks, fantastic wrestling ability, and conditioning, Tom Zenk and Brian Pillman - the NWA's High Flyers - are a team to watch out for! - by Robert E. Riddick, Jr. TV Wrestlers, March 1990 - more

Z-Man and Flyin' Brian Continue Their Winning Streak

Z-Man Tom Zenk - NWA Sleeper

"Z-Man" Tom Zenk has spent months in the shadows of the superstars, but that doesn't mean he's not good enough to attain greatness. Don't be fooled: Zenk could be World champion someday, and the NWA's top stars know it! - by Andy Rodriguez, Wrestling Classics, May 1990 - more

The Z-Man Back and Better Than Ever

His career was on the upswing. Tom Zenk and partner Rick Martel were a tag-team combination taking the WWF by storm. Zenk and Martel, known as the "Can-Am Connection," were on their way to the tag title. Then, shockingly, Zenk walked away from wrestling. Now Zenk has returned. He has moved to the NWA and is happier than ever. This time Zenk says he's here to stay! - by Don Liable, Wrestling World, May 1990 - more

"Tom Zenk declares war on Mat Villains." Wrestling World, May 1990

Tom Zenk and "Flyin" Brian Who Will Desert Whom?

Tom Zenk and "Flyin'" Brian Pillman are the NWA US Tag Team Champions, but trouble may loom. Zenk never stays with one promotion for long periods of time. And there are rumors that Ric Flair would like Pillman on his side. So the big question is, who will desert whom first, Pillman or Zenk? - by Jim Aronson , Wrestling's Main Event, (1990) - more

Brian Pillman and Tom Zenk - Will Their Championship Dreams Tear Them Apart

Tom Zenk and Brian Pillman are great U S tag team champions, but their partnership is on shaky grounds. Each man has his own individual goals that involves singles titles. Will their championship ambitions cause a rift? - by Andy Rodriguez, Inside Wrestling, August, 1990 - more

On Assignment Open Season On Pretty Boys

On this night in the Meadowlands, Zenk and Gibson were roundly booed by a hostile audience. At one point in their match against the Freebirds, Michael Hayes and Jimmy Garvin pulverized Zenk into the mat as many fans rose to their feet and applauded. Does this mean it's open season on pretty boys? - by Liz Hunter, Inside Wrestling, August 1990 - more

Title vs Title in the NWA - "US Champs Tom Zenk and Brian Pillman have challenged NWA World champs Rick and Scott Steiner. But there's a long way to go before the match is actually signed" - in fact it never was, thanks to the poverty of booking under Falir, Rhodes and Anderson - by Bob Smith, Wrestling Illustrated, August 1990

Brian Pillman and Tom Zenk - Flying High!!

"Great wrestlers are honest, hardworking craftsmen engaged in a wholesome direction of energy for the entertainment of the fans. Success is a journey not a destination. It's easy to be ordinary but it takes guts to excel". So said the legendary 'Kangaroo' Al Costello. Among modern grapplers, Tom Zenk and Brian Pillman immediately come to mind as perfect examples of Costello's principles - by Don Laible, Wrestling Eye, September 1990 - more

Wrestling Pin Up - Tom Zenk with the Tag Team Belt - Wrestling All Stars, No 40 September 1990

Wrestling Ratings feature Zenk and Pillman - Wrestling All Stars, No 40 September 1990

Tom Zenk vs Stan Hansen - The WCW booker Ole Anderson, determined to get rid of young highly paid talent such as Zenk, decides to 'beat him' out of the promotion.

Not all Guts and Glory

Pro-wrestling is as difficult to break into as a high school clique. It is one of America's last "father and son" industries; an industry where it is definitely who you know, not what you know, that is important - Wrestling Eye, September 1990 - more

Wrestling's Main Event November 1990 - Michael Hayes vs. Tom Zenk

Zenk profile

The Wrestler Magazine Spotlights ....TOM ZENK, The Wrestler, June 1991

Every month the Wrestler combs throught its extensive photo files and shines its spotlight on an outstanding wrestler - this month Tom Zenk - more

Images from Wrestle War '91 from Sports Review Wrestling, June 1991

The Z-Man - simply dazzling!

Following Tom Zenk's win over Arn Anderson for the NWA-WCW TV title, Howard Feintuch reviews Zenk's past career and looks forward to a 'dazzling career' in the WCW - Wrestling Eye, July 1991- more

Time Out With Tom Zenk

With all the travelling the major WCW stars do, it is a rare opportunity that one has the time to sit down for an interview session. Recently, after a rough match in Baltimore, Md., former World TV Champion, Tom Zenk, The Z-Man, gace WME the opportunity to sit with him and give fans an insight into his career and life. By Dawn Lockwood Wrestling Main Event July 1991 - more

More than a battle of sex appeal

When Tom Zenk returned to WCW, Diamond Studd (Scott Hall) was there to welcome him back. Their meeting ignited a feud that pits two of the best looking men in the federation in a heated battle that could spell the end of one - or both - of their careers - Wrestling October 1991 - Photos by Ed Crawford - more

Q&A with Scott Hall "The Diamond Stud" - including his feud with the "Z-Man", Tom Zenk from The Wrestler, November, 1991

Sex appeal - 'Tom Zenk is certainly a top choice' .... here

Wrestling hunks - what makes them sexy. Story b y Patti Larue in Wrestling Fury... more


Tom Zenk Full Colour Pin Up

Pro Wrestling Illustrated, April 1991...more


Our Offbeat Plan To Make Z-Man The Man

When Tom Zenk lost his WCW light heavyweight challenge to Brian Pillman, it didn't keep him up all night. Instead, he met a few friends and went off for dinner. Zenk has the skills and stamina to be a top contender for the WCW World title but something seems to be holding him back. This is a radical plan to make the fan favorite a new man - and the man in the federation!- by Eddie Ellner PWI, October, 1992 - more

Ten Questions for The Z-Man

The Z-Man's WCW tenure has not only won him a legion ofd fans, it has also produced some significant championship wins. ...Now the Z-Man has embarked on a new project: a tag team with rookie Marcus Alexander Bagwell. WCW Magazine's Craig Peters caught up with the Z-Man and asked him the following "10 Questions" - WCW Magazine, July 1992 - more

EXCLUSIVE! - Z-Man's Private Training Session With Marcus Bagwell

When Z-Man took Marcus Alexander Bagwell under his wing, the rookie gained a valuable and experienced mentor. In this feature, WCW Magazine provides a rare glimpse at the fine tuning of a future champion - by Craig Peters, WCW Magazine, October, 1992 - more

The Third Degree - Z-Man And Johnny Gunn

Both in the ring and in the hearts of fans, Z_Man and Johnny Gunn are building the type of tag team momentum the mat sport hasn't seen in a long time. They've been competing as a unit since early-November(1992) and have imprerssed everyone with precision teamwork that includes frequent double-dropkicks and a power slam/top-rope drop kick combination that has led to an unbroken string of victories - by Craig Peters, WCW Magazine, March 1993 - more

Pin up image

Zenk and Gunn - A Team On The Rise

At first, fans thought WCW was just sticking two guys together as a team, because the booking team of the moment couldn't figure out anything else to do with them. Now the experts agree they will become a top tag team and perhaps even tag team champions - Steve Mueller, Wrestling Eye, May 1993 - more

Win Lose or Draw - Tom Zenk and Johnny Gunn

Turning titile dreams inot toitles is never easy but "Z-Man" Tom Zenk and Johnny Gunn didn't think it would be this hard. These two great athletes were convinced, from the moment they became a team, that the WCW World tag team titles would be theirs. But after a series of devastating set-backs maybe its time to go their separate ways - by Andy Rodrigues, PWI, June, 1993 - more

WCW Calendar

JAPAN 1990s - here

Interview with Tom Zenk, Wrestling Eye,

Tom Zenk is certainly one of the most articulate wrestlers in the world. He is honest, open and does not hold back how he feels about a topic, especially if it is about Vince McMahon. Tom has certainly earned the right to voice an opinion about a topic. He has seen many battles in his time with the American Wrestling Association, the National Wrestling Association, World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment. During his time in the wrestling industry Tom has seen many a wrestler come and go. I recently had the opportunity to speak to Tom as he addresses' his push in each of the companies he has competed in, his most defining moment and his teaming with Rick Martel. (Wrestling Eye)

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