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New Japan/WCW Starrcade '91


The US PPV "was edited to show Pillman as the star ..." - (Meltzer, WON 04/15/91)

In the final match, Fujinami defeated Flair. "Flair's begging and upside down bump into the corner don't get over at all here. The begging was really out of place in this environment. Flair was booed, but it wasn't "heat" booing if you get my drift, it was more groaning booing..... Fujinami ducked out of the way of a tackle and Flair hit ref Alphonso (Alphonso was the only ref around ringside for the match - Hattori was announced as the sub-ref). With the ref down, Fujinami did two pinning maneuvers on Flair and got three counts as counted by the crowd but no ref.... Hattori came to ringside to help Alphonso and this point Flair charged at Fujinami and was flipped over the top rope. The Dusty finish hits Tokyo. Hattori jumps in the ring to ref... Fujinami... taking Flair down into a cradle and getting the three count as the place went nuts." Fujinami becomes unified world champion. "Just about every reporter thought this was a legit world title change except for those few who knew English.... After the show was a sayonara party at a night club in another part of town.

Friday- Friday morning's Nikkan Sports came out and the entire front page of the newspaper was devoted to Fujinami becoming the 75th NWA World Champion...

Saturday - The story that Flair had left Japan wiith the belt hit the papers. "I heard that [the finish] was supposed to be ..the American ref would say Flair won and the Japanese ref would say Fujinami won. The reason they didn't do the Dusty finish as it's done in the U.S. is because ... doing that screw-job would have ended up with the place rioting ...So they did the Verne Gagne and sent the fans home thinking it was a title change until two days later when they read the real story in the newspaper" (WON 04/01/91).