Tom Zenk in Canada, 1986


Summer/Fall, 1986

From October to March, 1986 the Pacific North West had provided Tom Zenk with a good living, in a family based promotion, in a spectacular part of the country.  Yet by March, Zenk had left the North West and was heading for Montreal......

Zenk pile-drives the massive Steve Strong (Steve de Salvo) during a 3 on 3 tag match.
In Zenk's corner, regular tag partner Phil Lafon and occasional partner Rick Martel.

TV fans, during that summer/fall of 1986, saw Rick Martel feuding with Steve Strong and Dino Bravo feuding with Abdullah the Butcher and "The Great" Samu.  Tom Zenk stepped into a long running battle between Kroffat (previously partnered by Alofa) and The Long Riders (Bill and Scott "Hog" Irwin).

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Footnote - The Wrestling Observer Newsletter for 10/19/92 reported- "Louis Acocela, the WWF promoter in Montreal, better know to wrestling fans under his two ring names, either Gino Brito or Louis Cerdan, was one of four men arrested last week in Montreal on extortion and loan-sharking charges. According to an article in Le Journal de Montreal, Acocela, 51 and an ex-bodybuilder were arrested on charges of being collection agents for the loan sharks. Police are looking for a third collector and expect more arrests to be made. According to Montreal Lt.Detective Andre LaPoint, they've been working on this case for three months. Documents seized at Acocela's residence indicate he had more than 100 clients and indicated that in his best week he collected $31,4000 in interest payments alone on loans from $50 to $59,000 and noted interest as high as 2433% based on an annual rate. As Gino Brito, Acocela was well known among the Montreal sports community. His father was a well-know arena wrestler who used the ring name Jack Britton. He later, as a worker in the 1970s, was a frequent babyface tag team champion with Dino Bravo, who was billed as his cousin locally and appeared for a time as a spokesperson on local Subaru auto commercials. Even in the 70s he was part owner of the old Grand Prix promotion based in Quebec. Brito had a few WWF stints using the ring name Louis Cerdan. In the 60s he was mainly a jobber but came back in the late 70s and held the WWF tag team titles with Dom DeNucci. He ended up cutting back on wrestling in the early 80s and was the owner of the International Wrestling office in Montreal (Rick Martel and Bravo also had an interest) in the early and mid-1980s, before the promotion went under and he slid to the WWF where he had been the local promoter for several years."

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