When Ole Anderson returned as WCW chief booker in May 1990 he set out to replace WCW's contracted wrestlers with cheap, short term workers who could be pushed or jobbed as it suited him. That meant using the contracted workers in such a way that they "don't get hot or have any noticeable following - so when they're cut loose at the end of their contracts, it isn't [widely regarded as] a loss." (WON 9/24/90).   

It was widely expected that, after a brief exposure to Anderson's regime, most of WCW's young contracted workers would jump to Titan when their contracts expired in early 1991. Tom Zenk however had a 2 year contract (unusual at the time).  It would need additional pressure to make Zenk quit. When Zenk refused to go, Anderson applied the simple logic that "getting beat kills your career" and booked Zenk to an unending series of losses and humiliations - (Part 1 (Jan - May 1990); (Part 2 (June - December,1990)  

But in the end it was Anderson who was forced out......

    a sellout crowd ... headlined by Zenk winning the TV title from Arn Anderson after a dropkick off the top rope.... a great match.... the entire crowd on its feet for the finish and the new champion
During Clash of Champions XIV (1/30/91) Missy Hyatt announced the results of voting for "The Sexiest Wrestler working in WCW" - "Everyone knows it should have been me, but my favorite wrestler won it. He looks great in his tights, he's got a great tan, and best of all he's single ... and he really is sexy. He's our World TV champion, the Z-Man. Congratulations gorgeous..." 

Two years later, Zenk offered to act as witness in Hyatt's sexual harassment claim against WCW management. Shortly after that, WCW management decided not to renew Zenk's contract.

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Fictional interview of TV Champ Tom Zenk by Eddie Ellner